Water Damage Restoration with Duo Spring Fresh Deodorizer A225

Have you ever experienced the problems of having a flood? That is one of the greatest natural disasters I have ever seen with my own eyes. I live in a small town and there is a small river, passing through the whole town. My house is 2 streets away from the river. About ten years ago it was raining every day. The situation was crisis. The river became enormous. I would never believe it could reach such incredible sizes if I haven’t seen it personally. However, my house wasn’t affected by the river although the river completely destroyed the houses which were placed on its riversides. The problem which caused me huge damages was the underground water. My house has 2 floors as the first floor is placed under the ground level. As a result of the continuous raining, the underground water completely flooded the 1 floor. I didn’t mean it covered the floor covering on the first floor. The entire floor was under water – up to the ceiling. I called the fire-brigade and they pumped out the water. Several more times my first floor was flooded because of the heavy rains. Finally, when the weather got better, I was able to restore the damages from the flood.

Unfortunately, I had to throw away all the furniture from the first floor. I took all the carpets out to dry completely and cleaned the surfaces. I put a lot of efforts to restore the previous condition of my first floor. It took me weeks to improve its look but after that there still was awful smell of water which made the floor unusable. So with the time, I somehow forgot I have 2-storey house and I was using only 1 floor. I stopped going to the bottom floor, trying to get rid of that nasty odor. But that wasn’t the worst thing to happen. After some time this smell spread in the entire house. I couldn’t stay in this house anymore but at the same time I couldn’t sell it because it was not appropriate for living.

I decided to call a professional cleaning company to ask for help. I contacted the most recommended cleaning firm in the town and scheduled an appointment. Several days later the specialists came to my house and cleaned it thoroughly. After that they clean all the surfaces – walls, tiles and the carpets with Duo Spring Fresh Deodorizer A225 by Prochem Kärcher Group. It was incredible deodorizer which completely changed my way of life. Although almost a year had gone since the flood, they removed the unpleasant odor from the entire house, leaving a fresh light scent. The specialists recommended me to purchase Duo Spring Fresh Deodorizer A225 and to keep it just in case I have similar problems in the future. This magnificent product could remove odors, associated with water damage restoration, sewage remediation, trauma scene remediation, microbial remediation, and fire damage restoration. It had mild pH which made it appropriate for using on delicate fibers or textiles. You can maintain the entire house with only 1 product. Moreover, it was incredibly economical – 1 bottle of 1 gallon was enough for making up to 16 gallons of ready to use cleaning solution.

When the cleaning experts were finished cleaning and left the house, I went down the stairs on the first floor. It was like I entered there for the first time in my life. It reminded me why I got in love with that house from the first sight. It was perfectly clean after the professional cleaning procedure and what made me great impression – the air inside was so crisp and fresh. It was very light scent, not like the ones that just hide the unpleasant odor. It was light pure scent of clean space. The nasty odor was completely eliminated. When I went to the second floor there also wasn’t a memory of the unpleasant odor of water or mold, coming from the bottom floor.

I am thankful to the expert cleaners who brought Duo Spring Fresh Deodorizer A225 by Prochem Kärcher Group to my life. It saved my home and my life. If the odors weren’t removed from my house, I would probably have to live on the street. Moreover, because of that smell to which I was exposed constantly, I had a headache every day. I felt tired and unhappy. Deodorizing with Duo Spring Fresh Deodorizer A225 solved my health problems as well.

All in all, I don’t want to think what the situation would be if the specialists didn’t know about Duo Spring Fresh Deodorizer A225. It is superb product, good for residential, commercial and restoration use. Everyone should have it at his/her disposal when there is a crisis situation or when an unexpected problem occurs.


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