You live in London and you are looking for Professional Upholstery Cleaning London?

You need excellently delivered and punctual service straight at your door?

"Steam Cleaning LTD" Cleaning Company is the perfect solution in London! With more than 8 years on the market, "Steam Cleaning LTD" Cleaning has been gathering knowledge and experience in the fields of Upholstery Cleaning and we are proud to say that we have successfully achieved the highest level of professionalism possible, led by our desire to satisfy each and every client’s demands.
Since "Steam Cleaning LTD" Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning is never the same! Not only do we provide you with an unique way to accomplish the best condition of your upholstery, but our company has narrowly specialized in professional cleaning services for wide variety of upholstery – from fabric, such as silk, Haitian cotton, velour, brushed corduroy to leather, non-colourfast fabrics and even fabrics with cleaning code S or Y etc.

What are "Steam Cleaning LTD" Professional Upholstery Cleaning options?

1. Professional Deep Steam Cleaning with an extraction method
2. Dry Cleaning
3. Professional Leather Upholstery Cleaning London

In addition, "Steam Cleaning LTD" Cleaning provides you with excellent Deep Steam Cleaning with an extraction which is suitable for all kind of fabrics. The cleaning process is performed by using first class equipment for professional deep steam cleaning of your upholstery which consists of very powerful machines and our special 3 types of treatment by PROCHEM – smell, stain and bacteria treatment. PROCHEM is an European company with solid legacy since 1974. The manufacturer is well known in the fields of professional upholstery cleaning for the outstanding performance of its products which are constantly being assessed for user-friendly and environmental impact.

Have you experienced the ‘miracles’ of Scotchgard (stain protector)?

Almost every professional cleaner recommends it. But what is the reason for that? The answer is quite simple really. Scotchgard, commonly referred to as ‘stain protector’, is a professional anti-stain treatment which is being applied onto the upholstery after the cleaning process. After our team has already performed the actual Deep Steam Cleaning, and the whole upholstery is fully-sanitized, we can provide you with our special Scotchgard treatment, if requested. The anti-stain treatment protects 100% your upholstery from any potential stains for several months. You will be completely safe from:
- ink stains
- red wine stains
- shoe polisher
- blood
- crayons

What "Steam Cleaning LTD" Professional Upholstery Cleaning services include ?

- Mobilized teams – we come at the address wherever your property is situated
- First class equipment for Professional Cleaning – powerful machines by Ninja, and special 3 types of treatment by the well-known PROCHEM
- Thorough examination of the upholstery and coming up with the best solution
- Vacuuming the upholstery before cleaning, not to let dust and loose dirt impede the actual cleaning process
- Special pre-spray treatment for any particular stains
- Using the powerful machines and steaming the whole upholstery
- Our special extraction method - extracting the water from the depths of the upholstery, sucking out all the dirt that has been stuck inside
- Special attention for stubborn stains
- Scotchgard being applied (if requested)
- Receipt after the inspection of the well-done job


Fabric Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices
2 seater sofa £35
3 seater sofa £45
Armchair £18

Stages of Professional Deep Steam Cleaning by "Steam Cleaning LTD"

1. First of all, our professional team arrives at the address, parking at the most convenient place, so that the whole equipment can be brought to the property

2. Secondly, our team inspects the whole upholstery and concludes the solution of achieving the best appearance of the upholstery
3. Then, our cleaners make certain preparations for the cleaning by installing the machinery, putting protecting pads and choosing the best products for greatest efficiency
4. All the dust and loose dirt is hoovered, so that nothing obstructs the cleaning
5. Afterwards, certain stains are being pre-sprayed with our special stain treatment and left for several minutes
6. The actual Deep Steam Cleaning gets its place
7. Any stubborn stains are being treated several times
8. If requested by the clients, Scotchgard is being applied onto the upholstery
9. Finally, our clients inspect the final result and sign a receipt

Why is Deep Steam Cleaning the most preferred method?

Deep Steam Cleaning is one of the most preferred cleaning methods not only for upholstery, but for carpet and mattress cleaning as well. But why is it so highly praised? Let’s find out !
It is a general truth that high temperature destroys bacteria, fungus, mould, dust mites etc. Thus it is considered the healthiest way to have your upholstery professionally cleaned. The products by PROCHEM that we use, are of the highest standard and quality, completely harmless to people, pets, children, let alone upholstery, and environmentally-friendly. Unlike other types of cleaning with strong chemicals, "Steam Cleaning LTD" Professional Deep Steam Cleaning doesn’t leave detergent residues which attract dirt – the upholstery will be fully-sanitized and neat for much longer! Furthermore, the high pressure under which the boiling hot water unit is sprayed in, allows reaching directly inside to the base of fibers. Immediately afterwards, the water unit is extracted by our machines from your upholstery, sucking out all the dirt that has been stuck inside. Final result – completely sanitized upholstery, looking as brand new !

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