Upholstery Cleaning Shoreditch E1

Upholstery Cleaning Shoreditch E1

 Two months ago I purchased a wonderful sofa for my living room. I have been using my old sofa for 10 years so I was really excited when I saw the new piece of furniture at home. I promised myself to take care for it and try to preserve the magnificent look it had at the first moment I saw it for long period of time. I wasn’t paying much attention to maintaining my old sofa and that is why I just hated how it looked. I started searching for the most appropriate cleaning products online the very same day when I placed the sofa in my home. I needed a highly effective preparation with a mild pH which will be gentle to the upholstery fibers and my hands. I am suffering from allergies and also I have respiratory problems. Finding the ideal cleaning product which won’t irritate my hands and eyes was going to be a difficult task. Usually when I apply a cleaning solution on my carpets or upholstery, my eyes get red, I start coughing and my hands get red and small spots appear on them. Sometimes these problems don’t go away for days after cleaning. Perhaps that was the main reason I wasn’t cleaning my old sofa very often. I was vacuuming it regularly but, of course, it is not enough for maintaining perfect condition of this piece of furniture. When stains appeared on its surface, I tried to clean them with homemade recipes but they weren’t effective at all if the stain has already dried. That’s why after some time I just stopped paying attention to stains on my sofa and that is why I had to throw it away.

Now, when I had a really gorgeous piece of furniture in my living room, I wasn’t going to give up so easy. I started searching online for tips how to maintain my upholstery with mild pH cleaning products. There I found the information that I needed. There was a company, called Prochem Kärcher Group, which was definitely the leader on the market of cleaning products. It produced highly effective and at the same time gentle cleaning preparations, pre-sprayers and shampoos, perfect for using on natural fiber upholsteries. I had purchased high-quality and really expensive sofa, so I was happy to find out Fine Fabric Pre-Spray B107 by Prochem Kärcher Group has a wool safe approval. When I read more, I understood that usually the upholstery has to be cleaned with 2-step procedure. That meant I needed 2 different products to keep the perfect look of my sofa – a pre-spray and a detergent. I found both products in the list of Prochem Kärcher Group. Fine Fabric Pre-Spray B107 had to be applied as a first step of the cleaning process and Fine Fabric Detergent B106 was the second step of the cleaning procedure. I was going to use the popular steam cleaning method which removes all the dirt and stains from the upholstery, leaving the piece of furniture perfectly clean. High temperature water removal is a cleaning technique, recommended especially for people who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems, because it uses the power of heated water for eliminating the allergens and germs, found on the upholstery.

I ordered Fine Fabric Pre-Spray B107 and Fine Fabric Detergent B106, because I was fully convinced I won’t find better cleaning products for my high quality sofa. Fine Fabric Pre-Spray B107 uses special chemical technology for protecting the fibers from browning, bleeding and wicking. The thing that distinguishes Fine Fabric Pre-Spray B107 among the other cleaning products was that it had mild pH – 7.8 – 8.5 which at the same time has incredibly powerful effect. The pre-sprayer is ultra-concentrated and economical – one bottle is enough for making up to 33 gallons of ready to use solution. One bottle equals one gallon. There is a special dilution for pump sprayer and for injection sprayer.

When I received the products, I read the instruction carefully. As I ordered them several days after I purchased my sofa, I didn’t need to use them so early. I left them away till I actually need to make my first sofa cleaning. It happened several weeks later, when I saw several stains on my upholstery. I followed the instructions on the labels. First I applied Fine Fabric Pre-Spray B107 and then I used Fine Fabric Detergent B106 to finish the process. The results were instant – the sofa was again perfectly clean, soft and smelled very fresh. The greatest change for me was that I wasn’t experiencing any discomfort as it used to happen all the time after cleaning. I admit I am completely satisfied by the two cleaning products and I will recommend them to everyone who has asthma and allergies.

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