Synthetic Carpet Cleaning

Synthetic Carpet Cleaning with Liquid Slurry S876

If you are looking for a professional cleaning product in liquid form, designed particularly for use with truckmounts and portables, you should take Liquid Slurry S876 by Prochem Kärcher Group. This is one of the most effective detergents, offered by the leader in producing top quality washing products. It is super powerful and is able to remove all the dirt from your carpet. At the same it is gentle enough to be applied on 5th generation stain resistant nylon carpets. Basically, nylon carpets are the most popular type of synthetic carpets, appropriate for use at home, or for use as a floor covering in areas with high traffic. Nylon carpets are typically laid in restaurants, offices and other commercial buildings. These places are open to the public so they are predisposed to heavy soiling. Moreover, food and grease stains are inevitable in restaurants so their owners need to know which is the most efficient and at the same time affordable product for maintaining their perfect quality and vision.

Liquid Slurry S876 is a detergent, used mainly in expertprocedures, but it is generally appropriate for domestic, commercial and industrial use. It is easy for measurement and there are specific instructions on the label how to dilute it properly. If you are going to use a portable, then the required dilution will be 1 to 2 oz. per 5 gallons of water. However, if you will apply it with a truckmount, then you have to dilute it 16 oz. per 5 gallons of water . When it comes to coverage, Liquid Slurry S876 is incredibly economical. Just from one bottle of liquid which equals 1 gallon you can make up to 641 gallons of ready to use cleaning solution. This is about 400 square feet per diluted gallon. Furthermore, it has long lasting effect and there will be no need to clean your carpet at home too often. Liquid Slurry uses the strength of alkaline builders and very powerful surfactants in order to quickly emulsify suspended greasy soils and grime which are often seen in the kitchen or dining room carpeted flooring. Apart from that these problems are usually seen in the restaurant business, so you can rely on Prochem Kärcher Group’s preparation to help you clean even the dirtiest carpets in your restaurant.

I was told about this magnificent product about a year ago when I opened my restaurant. Till then I was cooking for pleasure but I had visited many cooking courses. Definitely cooking is my passion and one day I asked myself why I have to go to work which I cannot stand in stead of doing something pleasurable. So I quitted my job which has taken 10 years of my life and opened a small restaurant. That way my dream came true. However, I didn’t expect that maintaining high level of hygiene will be so difficult. Very soon after opening my restaurant became a hit as I offered delicious food and I had a special lunch menu every day. That attracted many customers which were amazed by the quality of food and the cozy atmosphere in the restaurant. The place was small enough so I can maintain it by myself. Except for being the chef, I was also handling the perfectly clean atmosphere at the place. However, it turned out after several months I cannot get rid of stubborn grease stains on the carpet. I tried various detergents but none of them was effective. What is more, they could even clean the pre-spray residues. So one day I decided to consult a professional cleaner and I turned for advice to one of my close friends. He was working in this sphere for more than 5 years and I trusted him entirely. He told me for such problems, I should use Liquid Slurry S876 by Prochem Kärcher Group. This was the product their expert cleaning company was applying and it worked every time.

My friend explained that Liquid Slurry S876 has many advantages. First of all, when you combine this product with steam carpet cleaning procedure, you will achieve superb cleaning effect. It will remove all the dirt, bacteria, and allergens, remains of pre-sprays, grease and food stains. Second of all, it protects the fibers from browning, re-soiling and wicking. Third of all, it is really affordable and economical.

After I purchased Liquid Slurry S876 I had a proof it does have absolutely amazing effect. It returned the restaurant carpet to a brand new condition. The colors were refreshed and the grease stains were gone in the past. The detergent dissolved very quickly. Moreover, I learned that it contains special corrosion inhibitors to protect your equipment. For sure, I will recommend this splendid detergent to all my friends and relatives.

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