Steam Machines Protection with Powder Defoamer Concentrate S762

Steam Machines Protection with Powder Defoamer Concentrate S762

If you have decided to become an expert carpet cleaner, you have to know you should be prepared for coping with any kind of situation. Overcoming the consequences of floods or fires are possible problems you have to be ready to. Moreover, you will have to refresh the carpets colors and to eliminate urine, vomit, grease, make up, coffee, wine and chocolate stains. Having reliable cleaning products and powerful equipment is of great significance.

I knew all that when I started working as a profession carpet cleaner. I purchased the most modern vacuum cleaners and steam machines and found high-quality detergents, spotters and deodorizers. I went on several courses for mastering my skills and I really felt ready for this job. I searched information online for the best techniques for cleaning everyday as I wanted to be perfect in what I was doing. It didn’t take long and people learned about me. They know I am dedicated to my job and I always strive to achieve superb results in cleaning. Therefore, in less than a year I can say I succeeded more than I had expected. I had many satisfied customers and I hired several people working for me.

Everything went just great except for one minor problem – sometimes during the cleaning procedures the product I was using made more foam than I needed. Then it tool more than normal to wash the carpeted flooring and I didn’t feel pleased with the process. Actually, the thing that bothered me the most was that the foam could damage my pricey equipment and I didn’t want that to happen. Till that moment I haven’t thought of using some kind of protection for the steam machines. When I checked online for a solution of the concern I had, I got a bit worried. It turned out foam, stuck in the steam machine, can lower the effectiveness of the equipment. If the foam build-up is bigger, the steam machine can even stop working.

As you know professional steam machines can cost a fortune. In fact, I invested all my savings for purchasing incredibly modern and efficient steam machines and vacuum cleaners and I couldn’t imagine that I would have to replace it for a new one because of improper maintenance. Just one year had gone till I started founded my own business, but I did not know how that period of time had reflected on the equipment.

At the beginning, I was experimenting with different cleaning products because I wasn’t aware which the best are. Finally, I came across to a company, called Prochem Kärcher Group. It offered so many different preparations that could help you in any situation. They were definitely trustworthy and affordable. Moreover, there was clear instruction of each product in the Prochem website. So I didn’t waste any time and checked the list of their products to see weather I will find some product for reducing foam during high temperature water cleaning procedures.

I found Powder Defoamer Concentrate S762 which was undoubtedly the product I was hoping to see. It was described as powdered silicone-based versatile liquid defoamer with low pH – only 7.0- 8.0. That worked for me perfectly because I could use it in almost each carpet cleaning procedure, no matter the type of the carpeted flooring. It came into a compact jar and the dilution was 12 oz. per gallon to full strength. There were two possible ways for using it – undiluted to waste tanks to fight bubble build at the moment, or diluted and added to hoses. The second option is recommended for controlling foaming from cleaning solutions as well as previous cleaning solution residues and other foam issues. Therefore, the coverage wasn’t specified as it depended on the size of the tank and the choice between the options for application. Powder Defoamer Concentrate S762’s main purpose was control foam build-up in extraction cleaning hoses and waste tanks. That way it provided reliable protection of equipment and long life of steam machines. Another advantage of using Powder Defoamer Concentrate S762 was that it guaranteed better performance of the steam machine, leading to more effective cleaning procedure.

It wasn’t necessary somebody to convince me it was exactly what I needed. I ordered it immediately and since I received it I started using it in each carpet cleaning service. I can say that the problem with making too much foam is gone. The steam machines work better and I have more happy clients. I can’t imagine I will start a cleaning process without adding Powder Defoamer Concentrate S762 into the machine. This is a product I rely on and use daily. I will recommend it to all of the expert cleaning providers who want to exploit their machines long period of time.

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