For eight years, customer all over St. Albans has depended upon our services for taking care of their carpet cleaning St.Albans. We have always made it a point that we keep your trust and whenever you think of washing carpet in St. Albans you remember us. This has been possible as experts from our company have done their best to clean your carpets and disinfect them. We have the best machines for steam carpet cleaning and our skilled and trained professional make it sure that they utilize these machineries properly.

Understanding your time problem and the need of deep carpet cleaning either at your home or office we are open for seven days. We are just a call away from you and once you call us, carpet cleaning at your place is our responsibility. We do not have any hidden cost and you have to pay according to the estimate provided by us.


Before you call us you should have trust on us and knowing the process of making your carpets bacteria free and clean will give you more confidence. We start working on your carpet after you call us.

First our professionals visit the place where the carpet is to be cleaned and inspect the carpet. Once they check it they are able to understand the amount of dust and dirt in the carpet. Moreover they also locate the spots and stains so that they can be treated and removed while the carpets are cleaned. Next we remove the furniture over the carpet so that they are cleaned thoroughly.

We, Carpet Cleaning St. Albans LTD , start with treating the stains and for this we apply special cleansing products that are required for the particular stain. After this, we vacuum your carpet and this brings out the dust, dirt and mites. Once done, we start with cleaning the carpet. The process starts with pre-spray where the cleaning solution is sprayed over the carpet. This is left for about 10 to15 minutes so that the bacteria are killed and the dirt and grime gets to the surface.

Now it’s time to wash your carpet and steam carpet cleaning is applied to wash the carpet. Finally, washing is done and it is time to remove the foam from the surface of the carpet. If foam is left over then the carpet may become sticky. After it is done, it’s time to dry your carpet and hand over the clean carpet to you.


You may be thinking that why should you clean your carpets after regular interval and spend your hard earned money? We will try to let you know that

  • Carpet fibers easily accumulate dust particles that damage the fiber of the carpet. Hence, if not cleaned after regular interval you can expect your carpet to last less than expected.
  • With time bacteria grows inside the carpet and it develops many health problems in your family. Thus, when the carpet is disinfected, you can be sure that chances of allergy among your family member will be reduced.
  • Apart from these reasons, when you keep your carpet clean, the aesthetic value of your rooms increases.


Whenever you think of carpet cleaning St. Albans you must get to us because

  • We have trained professionals who with their skill of brings back life to your carpet.
  • We use the modern machineries that allow our skilled professionals to clean your carpet within few hours.
  • We accept payment in different modes and hence you can pay us in your most convenient way.
  • Finally, we – Carpet Cleaning St. Albans LTD – value your time and thus maintain the schedule set with you for cleaning your carpet.

Just got my carpets steam cleaned by the cleaners from Steam Carpet Cleaning ltd! I had some badly looking stains which I don’t even remember from where they have come, anyway, they are all gone now… completely! The strange odor is gone too. Its fresh and clean now. The cleaners showed to be real professionalists and did the job with extra care for my vintage furniture. They was so polite and tolerating my requests. Thank you and for your fast response and booking me in the last moment! I’m very satisfied and I have recommended you already to my friends!

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