Soot Contamination Cleaning with Ultrapac Renovate A217

Last year I forgot my lighted cigarette in the bedroom and it fell down on the floor. You can imagine what happened. The entire room burn out. Luckily, nobody was hurt but after the firemen were gone, I had to cope with the remains of soot contamination and a flood at the same time. When firemen were putting out the fire, they poured enormous quantity of water in my house. It damaged not only my bedroom but also the rooms in the whole second floor.

I tried to collect the water which took me hours that seemed like ages. Then I had to face the real problem – the soot that was covering all the surfaces in the bedroom. Someone has told me that if you have a fire in your home, you have to sell it because the awful smell won’t go away. In fact, I consider that is a bit extreme action so I began looking for a solution of this problem. My father advised me that we probably will have to repaint the bedroom and change the floor covering with a new one. This was a full renovation of the bedroom which would cost us a lot of money. We have a mortgage and obviously we don’t have extra money to spend on surprising repair of the house.

Several days were gone till I found the answer of my prayers. At first I had no idea what to do. Then I looked for people who had faced the same problem and it turned out there are hundreds. Some of them were doing what my husband told me was the only solution to our problem. Others were like me and knew high expensive repair is not the thing they want. Then I came up to a woman’s opinion who was telling about a unique cleaning product which came at very reasonable price – Ultrapac Renovate A217 by Prochem Kärcher Group. She had written that this product was recommended to her by expert cleaners who she called after having a fire in her home. They cleaned all the surfaces in the house with Ultrapac Renovate A217, including painted and unpainted surfaces, drywall, metals, and other water-cleanable surfaces. Later I found out other people in the forum who had written they have used the exactly the same cleaning product to cope with the situation of soot contamination. There were people who have used it to clean the walls in the room where there were a fireplace. They were telling that after deciding to take down one of the paintings, hanged on the wall, they found out that underneath the painting the wall was obviously whiter and cleaner that the rest of the wall in the room. After taking down all the paintings and shelves from the walls they saw to whole picture. The soot from the fireplace has destroyed the entire room. Then they came up to Ultrapac Renovate A217 by Prochem Kärcher Group which was highly concentrated, extreme cleaner for heavy soils. It cleaned perfectly their walls and the floor in this room and there was no need to repaint the walls.

After finding so many positive feedbacks for Ultrapac Renovate A217, I was fully convinced that if there is a cleaning product that could help me in this situation, it will be it. So I ordered it and receive a 1-gallon bottle of this magnificent liquid 2 days later. This bottle was incredibly economical as it would be enough for making up to 129 gallons of ready to use cleaning solution. I was really impatient to try it and to see the results. At the same time I was very nervous what would happen if it doesn’t cope with the problem. The dilution was 1 – 6 oz. per 1 gallon of water. I cleaned all the surfaces in the bedroom and rinsed them easily. After that I cleaned all the tiles on the second floor with Ultrapac Renovate A217.

I cannot describe how clean everything was. It was even cleaner than it used to be before the fire incident. Moreover, the unpleasant and strong smell of fire was gone. Probably that was the most incredible effect to discover. If you had a fire in your house, you know that even if you ventilate the space for weeks, there will still be unpleasant smell of fire in the house. I was extremely pleased with the results I saw just after one application of Ultrapac Renovate A217. I didn’t need to use it 2 or more times to get rid of all the dirt and smell on the second floor. You probably won’t believe me unless you test it yourself. Don’t hesitate at all and order this magnificent cleaning product in the minute you face such unpleasant situation.

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