Deep Steam Carpet Washing Services in Sidcup, DA14 by Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD

Our deep steam carpet cleaning company has incredible experience in removing stubborn stains and reviving the intense colors of your floor covering. Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD is a family business, established seven years ago in Sidcup, DA14 which earned a lot of regular customers through these years. It has proved the best quality services come at the most decent prices. By offering 24 hours a day customer support we saved so much bother of our clients. They can be calm that whenever something happens to their carpet, they can call us immediately and we will be there for them. Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD possesses the most high- tech equipment and highly-trained professionals. These two most important factors guarantee perfect results of our work.

Stain Protection

Every single housewife is curious how to preserve the rugs and upholstery at the house in top appearance – fluffy and without any stains. Spot preservation for rugs is an powerful way to extend the life of your carpeted flooring and save money from everyday carpeted flooring washing services. The use of a stain and spot protector is really useful if you live with pets and overcoming urine and vomit spots is a major problem for you. Save for having pets, if you own high-quality natural fiber floor covering, it is certainly worth giving some extra money to preserve it from problems. Many clients share their positive experience with rug spot protection. Our clients say that application of the appropriate protector will save the carpeted flooring from collecting mold. Sadly, if you have 100 % wool carpeted floorings it is extremely difficult to maintain the carpets shiny and neat. It is good advice to select a carpeted flooring made of 80 % wool and 20% nylon because such carpeted flooring can be washed fast and effortless. After all, still so many people prefer completely natural fiber carpeted floorings because these rugs have more stylish and luxury appearance, especially when compared to synthetic carpets. Aside from that, you may decide to purchased manmade carpets of natural sheep wool, which are extremely easy to be cleaned. You may enjoy them for a lifetime and they won’t lose their magnificent look. These carpeted floorings were especially popular several decades ago but at the moment it is incredibly problematic to come across such carpets. These carpeted floorings do not require spot protection. The only alternative for you toget rid of the stains is to wash the floor covering with water and shampoo. After that you have to leave the carpeted floorings to drain which may take days. Manmade wool carpets are especially heavy and that is the main reason manmade natural fiber carpets are occasionally put up for sale as area rugs.

Carpeted flooring and rug protectors represent sprays that form foam, penetrating deep into the fibers that have multiple effects – blocking stains, repelling spills and protection of the carpeted flooring. If you pour your orange juice for instance you will wash the liquid away without any efforts if you have applied a spot protection before that. Another beneficial characteristic of spot protectors is their ability to form a layer on the surface of the carpet which prevents the stains from reappearing. A great per cent of the stain protectors can be applied on carpets, car upholstery and upholstery maintenance. If you hesitate whether the protector is pet friendly, you should better close the pets outside until the rug dries completely. Depending on the thickness of the carpet, a couple of hours will be required for the rug to dry. When you are choosing the perfect rug protector, determine it is appropriate for your type of floor covering. Some spot protectors are not appropriate on wool floor coverings.

No matter how hard you are trying to keep your carpet fresh and clean, you should use deep washing procedures at least twice per year. Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD is the most recommended choice for professional carpet maintaining business in Sidcup as it has over 10 years experience in this sphere and thousands of reliable clients.

Red House, located 1.9 miles away from Sidcup DA8. In the early 1860s, in Bexley Heath (now part of London), a house was built, which was destined to become a monument to the works of the whole era, a man-made utopia. And this house had a name, rather modest, "Red House".

The house was projected by William Morris and Philip Webb for Morris himself and his young wife Jane Morris. But the house was not planned, just a cozy nest of the newlyweds or a thorough Victorian castle: The Red House was conceived as a unique building. Morris set himself the goal of building a house in which there will not be a single superfluous or unreasoned detail in which everything will be subordinated to the convenience of the owners. But convenience is not everything! This house became a hymn of craft as an art.

"The Red House" is a cast from the unique personality of its owner: the artist, poet, socialist and public figure William Morris, whose extraordinary creative energy would be enough for a dozen artists and artisans.

Morris gave the name of the house "Red House" because of the color of the unlined brick walls and shingles. But only the color of the house, the very manner of building carried a protest against the generally accepted opinion in those years that the walls must be plastered and the roof covered with slate.

Danson House, located 1.7 miles away from Sidcup DA8, is a Georgian-style mansion (now on the list of particularly valuable architectural structures in Great Britain, category Grade I), is located in the center of Danson Park.

Originally named Danson Hill, the Palladian villa was designed by the leading architect, Sir Robert Taylor (the architect who built the building of the Bank of England) and built in 1764-1767 for the sugar merchant and vice-chairman of the British East India Company Sir John Boyd. Around it was a fun park and 2.4 km² of agricultural land, of which more than 0.8 km² today is Danson Park, the largest public park in the Bexley area of ​​London. The landscape of the park was designed and implemented by Nathaniel Richmond, who was an assistant to Lancelot's "Capepity" Brown from 1761 to 1763. In the center of the park, to the south of the house, is a large picturesque lake of 49,000 m².

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