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We are in the carpet cleaning industry for last eight years and proudly present ourselves as team of professional carpet cleaners who had been carpet cleaning Sidcup for last eight years. We understand the importance of carpets in your home, offices or even hospitals and thus work to make the carpets clean and keep them clear. We aim to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers with eco-friendly methods of washing carpet in Sidcup.

The best equipment for deep carpet cleaning is in our disposal and that helps our professional cleaners to clean your carpet and make them spotless and disinfected too. We are available at your services for seven days a week and make sure that your carpet is given their life back once we complete our work.

Steps for carpet cleaning Sidcup

Once we get a call from you, we – Carpet Cleaning Sidcup LTD – understand how important carpet cleaning is for you. After taking an appointment for deep carpet cleaning, we follow the following steps for cleaning your carpets.

First, our experts visit your home, office or restaurant to take a look at the carpet that is needed to be cleaned. There they inspect about the following

  • Amount of accumulated dust and dirt
  • Frequency of stains and spots
  • Nature of the fiber

Once they get information about all this, they can let you know exactly how much time will be needed and what would be the expected cost of cleaning.

Apart from this they also decide which type of detergent or cleaning solution to use exactly. We,Carpet Cleaning Sidcup LTD also take the pain of removing all your furniture so that the carpets are cleaned at every place and just not the open areas. For areas with heavy traffic, we make sure that we take special attention in those areas.

Next, we apply cleaning solution to various stains according the nature of the stain. Then for deep carpet cleaning we spray cleaning solution over your carpet and let it get soaked for about 10 to 15minutes. This process not only brings up the dust and grime to the surface but also kills the germs.

After that using hot water extraction we clean your carpet and leave it to dry.

We are sure that once you see the carpet after they are being cleaned by us you would be another addition to the list of our satisfied clientele.

Clean carpets on regular basis

It’s necessary that carpets are cleaned at regular basis. You must have noticed that with time how the color of your carpet changes. It happens as dust and dirt particles starts accumulating inside it. With time there are high chances that bacteria too must have grown.

These are harmful for your carpet. Bacteria bring in illness to your family and thus they must be killed. Moreover, if you do not clean your carpet at regular interval you would find that it is gradually losing its luster. The fibers would be loosened and there are bald patches on your carpet.

Thus after steam carpet cleaning all these problems are resolved and you can expect to have longer life of your carpet. Clean your carpets at regular interval and keep your family healthy and your rooms beautiful.

Enjoy carpet cleaning with our services

Get back to us whenever you think of carpet cleaning in Sidcup.Why?

We have trained professionals who are doing the job of for years. They understand the nature of your carpet and make sure that proper steps are taken for cleaning different types of carpets.

We use modern machineries that help our professionals to clean your carpets within few hours.

We reach at your place always on time and as per the schedule requested by you.

You get multiple payment option and can pay in any way you feel ease.

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