Providing service for last eight years to the residents of Romford, we are reliable carpet cleaning company. We provide carpet cleaning and other allied services to the local residents seven days a week and our skilled professionals make it sure that your carpets looks like new once we complete out work. In order to provide you with complete home cleaning experience we, Carpet Cleaning Romford LTD, offer carpet cleaning and other upholstery cleaning services at your doorsteps.

We ensure that our professional cleaners meet your need of washing carpet in Romford with the help of the most modern equipment for carpet cleaning available in the market. We take orders from both private houses and offices, hospitals according to your need. So, just get in touch with us when you think of carpet cleaning.


After you book us for steam carpet cleaning, you get amazing results. Our trained specialists use modern cleaning methods and eco-friendly products to ensure that you get the best services. To know more about our procedure of carpet cleaning read on, this is the Carpet Cleaning Romford LTD step-by-step process:

Pre-inspection: In this stage our team would inspect your carpet to know about the amount of soil and dirt accumulation in it. During this stage they would let you know about the time taken and other conditions of steam carpet cleaning.

Moving Furniture: next before they start working on your carpet, light furniture would be removed so that they get more open spaces. Do not worry; after the job is complete everything would be placed in their old position.

Pre-treatment: Our professional starts the cleaning process with pre-treatment. They take help of eco-friendly solution.

Cleaning: next for deep cleaning the carpet we use modern equipment at our disposals.

Drying and final inspection: after cleaning is done, the carpets are dried. And finally, we take a look to ensure that everything is fine.


When you have carpet at your home, you get warmth from it. However have you ever thought what else do you get? If the carpets are not cleaned after regular interval they become breeding place of germs that gradually attacks your family member. Moreover, dirty carpets reduce the aesthetic look of your home. They look odd and when some guest enters your home, they feel bad.

Thus, it becomes necessary that you keep your carpets clean. When they are clean you can be sure that it’s not only the aesthetic value of your home that increases but you can also live in a totally disinfected area.

Deep carpet cleaning is necessary because once it is done you get your carpets totally disinfected. After the dirt particles are removed from the carpet, the fiber becomes clean. There are fewer chances then that the fiber would be damaged by the dirt particles. So, the life of your carpet increases once you get your carpet cleaned after regular interval.


There are so many options available for , then why do we claim to choose us? We do so because

  • We have a team of professionals who are cleaning carpets in Romford for years and understand how to treat them.
  • We use machineries that modern and can clean the carpet in fewer hours. We deliver you with clean carpet within few hours after we start working.
  • We accept payment in different modes and hence you can pay us in any way you find better. Either pay us by cash, through PayPal or transfer fund by NEFT.
  • We, Carpet Cleaning Romford LTD , make sure that the work is completed within stipulated period so that you can keep your other appointments.

I’m here to express my gratitude for the guys from Steam Carpet Cleaning ltd. They have been on my side against the boring battle with the “dirt” in my home for few years now. And I don’t know what I would do without them! They always have been on time for the cleaning unlike me. But I never saw them moaning about that or anything else. They got my trust at the first cleaning I had ofc, and it was steam cleaning my carpets.

Spectacular work guys! I never could reach results like yours. I’m happy that you are around! Thank you Steam Carpet Cleaning ltd! Keep the professional work my friends!

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