Revive Olefin Fiber Carpets Colors with Oxy Plus B155

Revive Olefin Fiber Carpets Colors with Oxy Plus B155

If you are about to replace your old carpeted flooring with a new one, purchasing an olefin fiber carpet is the right decision. Olefin fiber carpets are famous for their strength, high-resistance to stains and mold, and colorfastness. This specific synthetic type of carpet is also well-known for its softness and comfort. Actually, olefin fibers are used for producing not only carpets but also car interiors and even ropes.

If you have decorated your home with gorgeous olefin fiber carpets, you will enjoy their coziness for a really long period of time. Olefin is recommended material for manufacturing both outdoor and indoor carpets. In addition to that, it is used for upholstery, wall coverings and draperies. Carpets made of olefin are very light, being compared to natural fiber carpets, for example. That makes the maintenance of olefin rugs easier because you can replace them and clean them from the both sides. It is of great importance for achieving perfect results in vacuum cleaning, to clean not only the top of the carpeted flooring but also from the bottom side.

Several years ago, I was in a search for the right carpeted flooring for my apartment. I inherited this place from my mother and when she passed away I decided to invest all my savings to renovate it. I can say I paid great attention to every detail because this apartment reminded me of my mother. So when it was time to choose the floor covering, I decided on using olefin carpets because of their positive characteristics. Above all else, they were really durable and came at a reasonable price.

However, 8 years past from the moment I placed the gorgeous olefin carpets in my apartment. I took regular care for them but with the time their colors faded and the looked kind of shabby. I shared my problem with my cousin who was also my best friend and she convinced me to get Oxy Plus B155 by Prochem Kärcher Group. It was a high-quality product she was using for a really long time for maintaining carpets and upholstery in her home. My cousin was extremely pleased by its fascinating effect. She hadn’t changed her carpets from probably 20 years but they still looked impressive. Oxy Plus B155 helped her refresh the faded colors of the carpeted flooring and upholstery. It changed dramatically the look of her pieces of furniture, as it made them fresher and brighter. My cousin told me she was using this exceptional cleaning product by Prochem Kärcher Group for keeping the best look of area rugs as well. Oxy Plus B155 was an additive that came into a compact jar, as 1 jar was enough for making up to 64 gallons of pre-spray booster. Prochem’s Oxy Plus B155 was safe for using on various types of fibers and fabrics. It was appropriate for application on synthetic fibers and cotton fabrics. Moreover, it was especially useful for renewing old olefin carpets, which was exactly my kind of situation.

I ordered Oxy Plus B155 and on the first place, I was impressed by its affordable price. If it was an additive that would change the look of my old carpeted flooring, it was definitely worth paying that price. I read the instructions on the label and made the necessary dilution. It was from ½ to 1 oz. per gallon of water. The measurement was easy, because the product had powdered formula. The pH was moderate – 10.3 – 10.5 ready to use and therefore was safe for the carpet’s fibers. Before placing the additive, my carpets looked old and had yellowed fibers. Just after half an hour which was the time needed for thorough cleaning of all the carpets at home, I saw the great difference. I wished I had taken pictures before the cleaning procedure and after it. You’ve definitely seen such type of photos, like “before and after a radical diet” or “before and after cleaning the carpet with (here comes the name of the cleaning product)”. I have always believed that these pictures are not real and are changed with Photoshop or another program. That’s why I wanted to have made these real photos which proved how such effective product can totally change the carpet or the piece of furniture.

After I cleaned the carpet with Oxy Plus B155 the change was so extreme that some of the guests I had after that asked me about the place I got my new carpeted flooring. I laughed when I heard that question and explained that I owe this magnificent carpet to Oxy Plus B155 by Prochem Kärcher Group. I received congratulations on my great choice of carpeted flooring several times and people just couldn’t believe it is the same old carpet I have been using for the last 8 years.

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