Restoration after Sewage Remediation with Duo Dual Action Deodorizer B125

Has it happened to you to cope with the consequences of sewage or water damage in your house? It was what I experienced several months ago. We went to see my parents for the weekend and meanwhile a pipe in the toilet on the second floor had broken causing incredible damages. When we came back home, we called a professional cleaners to pump out the sewage water and when they finished, my husband and I faced the real problem. First, we had to call a plumber to fix to change the pipe. When he replaced the pipe with a new one, we had to find a way out of this crisis. The carpet, tiles and the walls were completely damaged and smelled disgusting. You couldn’t spend more than 5 minutes in this place without feeling dizzy.

I have never thought I will ever face such incredible problem. I was sure I cannot overcome the situation on my own so I called an expert cleaning firm. I asked a friend who needed a fire damage restoration earlier that year and had to get rid of the smell of smoke inside the house. She has used a professional cleaner’s services and they did an amazing job. So she gave me the number of the company and I called them. I explained them what the situation was and asked them if they could help me. They confirmed they can easily remove the unpleasant smell from the house in order my home to be again the cozy place I have created. I scheduled an appointment and two days later the professional cleaners were applying the fabulous deodorizer on the tiles, carpeted flooring and walls. I noticed the name of the deodorizer while they were making the ready to use dilution – Duo Dual Action Deodorizer B125 by Prochem Kärcher Group.

I left them do their job and left the house. I came back home when they were done with the procedure. I just couldn’t believe my eyes! There was a light floral scent spreading all over the house. The mild pH made Duo Dual Action Deodorizer B125 appropriate for application on various types of surfaces – carpets, hard-surface flooring, walls, and textiles. Basically, they have used this product only for cleaning the entire house. This made it the perfect product for residential, commercial and restoration use.

When they left I searched for more information online about Duo Dual Action Deodorizer B125 by Prochem Kärcher Group. It turned out it is the most recommended product for removing odors, related to water damage restoration, sewage remediation, trauma scene remediation, microbial remediation, and fire damage restoration. Many people were telling they have used it after they had a fire in the house or when there was a flood. It was really powerful deodorizer which not only was masking the unpleasant odors, but was eliminating them completely. Moreover, many professional cleaners were telling this is the most effective deodorizer they have used in their services. Of course, they had great experience in overcoming such situations, and have tried hundreds of different deodorizers. Definitely, this one the most trustworthy deodorizer they have used. That was the opinion of so many expert cleaners, not just one or two! It was used for removing the nasty odors and for restoration of the surfaces.

I decided I have to purchase Duo Dual Action Deodorizer B125 just in case something unexpected happens. When I receive it I found out it is really economical – 1 gallon of this product could make up to 17 gallons of ready to use solution. Unfortunately, the next month after the sewage, while we were at work, a water-pipe in the kitchen had broken. When we came home, the water had again covered the entire first floor. Again we had to call a plumber. However, this time I was prepared with the right product to remove the unpleasant smell. It was really easy to make the appropriate dilution – it was 8 oz. per 1 gallon of water. It took me about an hour to clean the whole floor and when I was done, everything smelled very pleasant. This time I cleaned my sofas with this deodorizer because they were also damaged from the flood. I was extremely satisfied with the positive effect of this remarkable cleaning product. It saved me so much money from calling the expert cleaning firm. If I new about Duo Dual Action Deodorizer B125, I am sure I could cope with the sewage on my own. I wouldn’t have wasted so much money on professional cleaning.

I will recommend Duo Dual Action Deodorizer B125 to all my friends and relatives. Also, I will recommend it to anyone who had a flood, fire or another incident in his house. Duo Dual Action Deodorizer B125 can eliminate all the unpleasant smells, associated with these extreme situations.

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