Removing Unpleasant Body Odors with Apple Orchard Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer B229

Recently I started a new business – I opened a gym in the center of the city. I purchased the most modern fitness equipment, rented an enormous place for the gym and hired some of the most popular professional trainers in the city. I believed I have done everything possible to have a prosperous business which would bring me a lot of satisfied regular clients. I mortgaged my house to open this gym and therefore I was relying on it to pay my bills. I invested all my savings and still they weren’t enough for paying the equipment, the salaries of trainers, etc.

The first two months from the opening were gone but the number of regular clients was disappointing. I waited 1 month more but the results were even worse – some of the clients I had had left and were visiting another gym. I had no idea why I am not succeeding in this sphere. I was afraid I can lose my house and be left on the street. I wanted my family to be proud of me but how could that happen when I have wasted all the money we had and there wasn’t any result of this investment.

Then I decided to go to my competitor’s gym and see he attracts the clients. I was a bit angry because he was stealing my customers. When I entered the gym I immediately sensed the difference. Although there were so many people, exercising and sweating, the smell inside the gym was incredibly pleasant. It was something like a bowl, full of fresh green apples. I looked around and saw that the fitness equipment was lower quality than mine. Also, the place was smaller. Actually, everything in my gym was better, except for the odor. I was ventilating the gym regularly but it smelled of sweat. I thought this is normal – it is a gym after all. However, my competitor proved me the opposite.

When I came back home I started searching for information online what kind of odor neutralizers are appropriate for use in gyms, dorms, rentals, etc. I already knew that an ordinary deodorizer won’t change the air in my gym. It was an enormous place with more than 40 gym equipment. That means 40 people can exercise and get sweaty at the same time. Removing unpleasant body odors is as difficult as getting rid of urine smell, for instance. There were great number of various deodorizers but how could I found out which the best is? Luckily, I found a website of professional cleaning firm where there was a special section for questions by customers and given answers by expert cleaners. One of the customers was facing the same problem – he had purchased several apartments which he was going to use for rentals. It turned out on 2 of the places used to live pets – he didn’t know the number of pets but he was complaining the smell was awful. Probably the previous owners of the apartment didn’t clean after the dogs and everything was incredibly dirty. He has already got rid of the carpet but he needed a neutralizer to clean the tiles and walls. The expert cleaner has explained to him that in such cases he recommend using Apple Orchard Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer B229 by Prochem Kärcher Group. This was a versatile, mild pH, non-ionic blend of odor counteractants which was appropriate for using on most hard surfaces such as tile, stone, and vinyl floors and walls. In addition to that, he could use it on 5th generation stain resist carpets. Their cleaning company was applying this product when they needed to eliminate unpleasant odor in gyms, schools, dorms and rentals.

I decided to test Apple Orchard Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer B229 and see what results it would achieve. I ordered it and receive a 1–gallon-bottle which turned out to be really economical. It was enough for making up to 257 gallons of ready to use solution. All the surfaces in the gym were cleaned with this neutralizer. It changed the atmosphere immediately. It was so pleasant entering the front door and sensing nothing but fresh apple scent. Although the number of people, visiting my gym, increased remarkably just for one month, the gym always smelled fresh. I couldn’t believe such small thing as 1 bottle of liquid could bring you so much success. If you are going to purchase Apple Orchard Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer B229, you need to know that can be used as an additive and is compatible with most cleaning pre-sprays and extraction solutions. In addition, it can be diluted and used as a post-mist after source removal and cleaning. Definitely, it is absolutely effective product which will change your life and business.

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