Removing Asphalt and Cosmetics Stains from the Carpet with Citrus Gel E840

Removing Asphalt and Cosmetics Stains from the Carpet with Citrus Gel E840

I would like to tell you about my experience with cleaning stubborn stains on the carpeted flooring. Last week I was coming home from a busy day at work. The weather was really hot and I was enjoying the air conditioner inside my car. I stopped on the driveway and got out of the car. Then I stepped in something sticky and heavy. I looked around and it turned out it was so hot that the asphalt had melted. It had never happened to me and I wouldn’t believe it if someone had told me it is possible. Thinking how to remove the asphalt from my extremely expensive heels I entered the house and stepped on my gorgeous carpet. Great! Now I had to cope with that problem too.

Immediately after I took off my shoes, I sat in front of my laptop and checked online for super powerful detergents, capable to fight asphalt stains. It took me a couple of minutes to find exactly what I was looking for – Citrus Gel E840 by Prochem Kärcher Group. It was described as high-quality spotter which can remove different types of stains on the carpet. It was effective not only for coping with asphalt stains, but also for tar, gum, auto grease, body and hair oils, food oils, crayon, lipstick, cosmetics, ointments, margarine, and some fresh paint spots. Actually, my husband and I have just moved in this house a month ago, and I didn’t have experience in carpet cleaning. Till we got married I was living with my parents and I wasn’t responsible for carpet maintenance. In fact, when I read the name of the producer – Prochem Kärcher Group – I remembered that there was a cleaning preparation by the same company my mum was using. That gave me more confidence to order it. As people say mums know the best. If Citrus Gel E840 was as powerful as it was promoted, it could be of great help for me for removing the lipstick stains on the bedroom carpet. I ordered it and received it the very next day. I felt a bit frustrated because the asphalt stain has dried completely and definitely ruined the look of my stylish white carpeted flooring.

Citrus Gel E840 is a spotter with very low pH – only 4.0 – 5.0 ready to use – and therefore is appropriate for application on wool fiber carpets. Being so powerful is the reason it can be used for home maintenance or for professional cleaning services. In addition to that, Citrus Gel is CA VOC compliant; woolsafe approved, and can be used on synthetic and most natural fibers. I read the instructions carefully to make sure I am doing everything the right way. Citrus Gel E840 is a cream-like gel that can be applied directly from the bottle. You don’t have to dilute it which makes the cleaning process super fast. I poured some gel directly on the asphalt stain on the carpet. Meanwhile, I made a warm preparation solution. By the time the cleaning solution was ready and I have vacuumed the rest of the carpeted flooring, the gel had done its magic. I washed the carpet and there was no evidence that there used to be an awful asphalt stain. I was absolutely impressed!

The following thing I did was to wash the carpet in my bedroom where I get ready for the work and put my make up on. As a consequence I have caused several lipsticks and make up stains. Like the asphalt stain, these were also cleaned perfectly with no efforts with Citrus Gel E840.

I will recommend Citrus Gel E840 to all of you who have recently stepped in asphalt and have ruined their carpet. If your husband works in motor – service station, you can give it to him to use it at work. The best thing about Citrus Gel E840 is that it is effective for application on various types of services – carpets, upholstery, and tile. You can make your garage spotless or you can use it to maintain the ideal look of your kitchen tiles as one of its main purposes is removing food oils and margarine. Moreover, if you have just repainted your house and you have some fresh paint spots on the tiles or on the carpet you can use Citrus Gel E840 to make your home perfectly clean. Removing body and hair oils from the upholstery is usually a problem, except for when you are equipped with the right tool. If you purchase Citrus Gel E840 by Prochem Kärcher Group, you will be able to maintain the desired cozy atmosphere at home that you have always tried to achieve. Having shiny, clean and beautiful carpets and upholstery is no longer a concern when you have Citrus Gel E840 by your side.

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