Remove Mild Browning of the Carpet

Remove Mild Browning of the Carpet with Fiber Buff B162

Three years ago I purchased gorgeous after a really long search. Finally, I found what I was looking for – sparkling white natural fiber carpet. I placed it in the living room and it definitely transformed the place, making it stylish and cozy. It matched perfectly with my white sofa and couches which were also made by high quality textiles. Unfortunately, white pieces of furniture and carpets need much more care and maintenance, being compared to darker upholstery and rugs. When I purchased them I didn’t consider that fact and although I liked everything very much, it got dirty very quickly. Every day I had to be extremely cautious not to drop anything on them in order to prevent appearance of stubborn stains. No matter how careful I was, there always were one or two spots of coffee or juice on my carpet. Luckily, I found incredible spotters by Prochem Kärcher Group which helped me maintain the living room in perfect condition.

However, after several years, after I have vacuumed my white carpet a thousand times and I have cleaned it regularly, it seemed warn out. The fibers were browned and the gorgeous look of my floor covering was just a sweet memory from the past. I searched online for some information how I could improve the look of my carpet. There were many products available for removing mild browning on carpets, but I was really happy to see that Prochem Kärcher Group offer a mild acid-phosphate additive, specially designed for that purpose. I was very satisfied by the quality and the price of cleaning products, produced by that company. As I mentioned I was using spotters by Prochem, and I was extremely pleased with the effect they accomplished. So I didn’t hesitate whether to order Fiber Buff B162 or to look for another cleaning product, available on the market.

I ordered Fiber Buff B162 and Oxy Plus and two days later I received a compact 2 lb. jar. I read it has to be diluted 1 oz. per gallon of water. Oxy Plus was a preparation which needs to be combined with Fiber Buff B162 in order to accomplish the best possible effect on cleaning. Fiber Buff B162 was an additive that adjusts the pH of alkaline cleaning solutions in order to help inhibit cellulosic browning and dye bleeding on most natural fiber carpets, area rugs, upholstery fabrics and delicate textiles. Moreover, it was absolutely safe for application on 5th generation stain resistant carpets. The additive had mild pH – only 5.5 at 1 oz. per gallon of water – which was a positive sign I can clean my delicate fiber upholstery with this product.

The first thing I did was vacuuming the carpets and the upholstery. Then, I followed the instructions on the label of the additive and made the appropriate dilution. I added Fiber Buff B162 to Oxy Plus and applied the solution. After I finished washing, I was so incredibly amazed by the perfect white color of my furniture and carpet. They looked so fresh and sparkling, almost like brand new. Having in mind what poor appearance they had before the cleaning procedure, the change was really impressive.

I use the powder at cleaning procedure which is about once a month. Meanwhile, I noticed that my carpets stay fresh and white for long period of time. They don’t lose their sparkling look several days after the washing process. The long-lasting effect of Fiber Buff B162 is one of the best characteristics of the product. You can wash the carpeted flooring for instance once on every 2 or 3 months and it still will look great. That will save you much time from cleaning and at same time you will enjoy the ideal look of your furniture and carpets. You can maintain all the furniture, area rugs and carpets just with one product. For the effect it has, the price you have to pay for it is incredibly low. Actually, I would agree to pay even more, to get such remarkable cleaning product. I cannot describe how relieved I feel when I know in my hands I have a product I can rely on for perfectly clean and fresh home. This is help every housewife desires to have. Most women in nowadays society have to organize their time strictly. They have to take care for the children, go to work, and of course, maintain a pleasant and cozy home. That is a lot of work and most men cannot realize how tiring is to manage all these parts of your life. I am not saying to give Fiber Buff B162 as a present to your wife. Just get it and ease the process of cleaning by you do it yourself from time to time.

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