Protecting Delicate Fibers and Rugs

Protecting Delicate Fibers and Rugs

Removing stubborn stains, dirt and soils from carpets and delicate fiber upholstery is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and everyday care in order to have perfectly clean home. I have two small children and that is why I am emphasizing on high level of the hygiene in my house. Unfortunately, the kids bring much dirt and mud from outside and it happens to step on the carpet or rug with the same shoes they’ve been outside. Regular using the vacuum cleaner has turned into an everyday routine for me. However, although I am vacuuming 7 days a week and using special detergents for removing various types of stains and soils from my carpets and upholstery, it seems to me that the situation is hopeless. I wish I could find a way out and maintain my home clean and fresh without losing so much time and energy.

Once I went out to see a friend after the usual everyday cleaning procedure. I felt exhausted. When she saw me, she immediately asked me what was going on. I was shocked. I felt tired but I didn’t know it is so obvious for the other people. I explained to her what the problem was and she advised me to use Fluorosil II B129 by Prochem Kärcher Group. This was the product she was using which have changed her life. She was spending less time in cleaning and everything at home was amazingly clean. This magnificent product was a blended solvent-based fluorochemical protector that repels water-based, oil-based, and dry soils. It came into a bottle of 1 gallon which was ready to use and covered approximately 400-1000 square feet. She said that once I apply Fluorosil II B129 on my delicate fibers, rugs and textiles, they will be clean for long period of time. In addition to that, if I drop something greasy on my textile sofa, I will be able to clean it without any problem.

I listened to her advice and decided to order Fluorosil II B129 by Prochem Kärcher Group. After all, I was looking for help and I would do anything to maintain my home with less efforts. Moreover, this product wasn’t expensive so I didn’t lose anything if I try it. If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t purchase it again and that’s all. On the other hand, if it was as effective as she was telling, that will be a great plus for me. There was nothing to loose. And after I saw its magnificent effect I am happy I didn’t hesitate in making that decision. I will recommend all the tired housewives to try this fabulous product because they won’t be sorry. I am 100% sure when I am saying that!

After I received this protector I was happy to find out it can be used on most wool, silk, cotton and other delicate fabrics. That meant I could use it on all my upholstery and carpets at home, even on the highest quality ones. I have a really expensive sofa and carpets at home because I think of any piece of furniture or decoration as an investment. If I invest more money on high quality item, there would be no need to replace it with a new piece of furniture or carpeted flooring after 2-3 years. Therefore, I use only top quality preparations which have been recommended to me by a friend or a specialist. I don’t purchase the cheapest preparation at the store, expecting to “do the magic”. I know that is impossible.

Also, I choose especially eco-friendly products and I was extremely satisfied when I discovered that Fluorosil II B129 has no chlorinated or ozone depleting solvents. That made me great impression. I poured a small quantity of the protector on a sponge and cleaned my upholstery and rugs. Before that, I had clean everything with my powerful vacuum cleaner as I always do before applying some type of preparation on the surfaces.

The effect of such product cannot be seen at the moment. It’s not so obvious like when you clean a huge oil stain with the perfect stain remover. You will notice the fabulous effect after weeks. The next time you make your regular cleaning procedure, you will notice everything gets fresh and clean easier. You will be ready cleaning twice faster than usual. Also, there will be no need to clean your rugs or upholstery so often just because all the water-based, oil-based, and dry soils are repelled by this magnificent product.

Soon after buying Fluorosil II B129, I ordered other highly-effective products by Prochem Kärcher Group. I am especially impressed by their entirely green line of products, called Axiom Clean Green Products.

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