Olefin Carpet Cleaning

Olefin Carpet Cleaning

If you have purchased an olefin carpet for your office, you are probably aware of its advantages. It is the type of carpet that is specially recommended for use in offices, clinics, health care facilities, institutions, and in many commercial buildings due to its resistance to appearance of stains, strength and comfort. Moreover, olefin fiber carpets are resistant to grow of mold and mildew. The next characteristic that makes them the preferable choice for such institutions and public buildings is the fact they don’t wear out easily and you can use them for a long period of time. In addition to that their colors are more durable and don’t fade because of the direct sunlight. Another benefit of olefin fiber carpets is that they are lighter than the other types of carpets and because of that they dry quickly. The olefin fibers are incredibly strong and do not damage easily because of being flooded for instance. Water cannot damage olefin fiber carpets. Because of its magnificent characteristics olefin is used as a material for producing not only carpets, but also ropes and car interiors.

Olefin carpets are specific type of synthetic fiber carpets and are definitely the best carpets for use in offices and institutions. They are easily for maintenance and require minimal efforts when cleaning them. However, you should always use appropriate types of detergents and other cleaning products, designed specifically for use on olefin fiber carpets. That way you will accomplish better and longer lasting results in cleaning. As a member of professional carpet cleaning team, I can recommend you Olefin Pre-Clean E827 for use on most synthetic fiber carpets and area rugs. It is excellent product for commercial and restoration use. It is one of the most remarkable products I have ever used in my practice. It is offered by Prochem Kärcher Group which is undoubtedly the company, having the best top quality cleaning products on the market. Olefin Pre-Clean E827 not only removes easily all the dirt and grease from carpets surface but also protects the carpet from yellowing and fiber discoloration. Besides olefin fiber carpets, it can be used on extremely damaged synthetic carpets, upholstery, and light filtration soil issues.

This is a pre-treatment product our company is using entirely when it comes to olefin carpets in offices, hospitals, health care facilities and institutions. It provides the effectiveness our company is searching when selecting a cleaning product. Moreover, it is very economical – 1 bottle of this special liquid equals 1 gallon and you can make up to 33 gallons of ready to use cleaning solution. You should note that you can use this cleaning product only on synthetic fiber carpets. Do not apply it on natural fiber carpets as you can damage them. Natural fiber carpets require treatment with cleaning products with pH below 10. Olefin Pre-Clean E827 pH is 10.0 – 10.4. It can be applied with a pump sprayer or an injection sprayer. If you are going to apply it with a pump sprayer, the dilution is 4 to 6 oz. per gallon of water. If you are about to apply it with an injection sprayer, the dilution is 1½ to 2½ quarts per 5 quart container with 1:8 metering tip.

If you are going to start a business with professional carpet cleaning, you should know which products worth their price. Products, offered by Prochem Kärcher Group, definitely are highly effective, economical and affordable. Most people, working in offices or health care facilities prefer expert cleaners to maintain their carpets. They do not want to wash them themselves as they want to use this time for something more pleasurable and fun. You need to impress your potential regular customers with highly effective cleaning products that will completely change the atmosphere in the office, for instance. Olefin Pre-Clean E827 is designed with high-grade preparations, solvents, and amphoteric surfactants in order to loosen soils adhering to fibers with a static bond. It is used for coping with sticky oils and greases that worsen the condition of the high-quality olefin carpets.

Using Olefin Pre-Clean E827 is incredibly easy and you can remove all the dirt from the carpeted flooring without many efforts. Just within a few minutes your carpet will be completely changed. Even if it is heavily soiled, you can see how dirt “vanishes” in front of your eyes. This magical effect is achieved with the first application of Olefin Pre-Clean E827. Moreover, it gives you the needed protection from yellowing and fading of colors. That way you can be calm that cleaning the carpet once a month with Olefin Pre-Clean E827 is absolutely enough for proper maintaining its good look. Order it without hesitation and I can promise you will be more than pleased with its amazing effect.

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