Natural Stone and Tiles Protection with Water – Based Tile and Grout Sealer B462

If you have natural stones in your home, you need that they need to be sealed in order to last longer. The special layer will protect them from water or oil pollutants. When you choosing the perfect sealer for your tiles on porous stones, you need to consider the characteristics of the stone – do you have it inside or outside the house, what is its finish, and so on? Sometimes it is beneficial to seal the natural stone. After it is sealed with the appropriate sealer, the natural stone will be protected against everyday dust, dirt, stains and spills. On the other hand, sometimes it is preferred to leave the stone untreated.  There are two major types of sealers – topical sealers and impregnators. The first type is famous as coatings and their main purpose is to protect the surfaces from water, various types of oils and dirt. They create a layer that is less durable than the stone. Basically, topical sealers are not preferred to be used in exterior applications because they can trap moisture between the top layers of the porous stone that can cause surface deterioration when water freezes and returns to liquid condition again. If you have a high quality porous stone, tiles or grout lines in your home, you need to pay special attention to their maintenance. That is why you need a cleaning product which not only will remove all the dirt from them, but also will offer long-lasting protection. However, there are hundreds of various sealers on the market and it is not easy to find the right one. Impregnators are usually water-based sealers. They penetrate below the surface of the natural stone and repel the dirt and other pollutants. They can be water-repelling or oil-repelling. Impregnators are more recommended for exterior porous stone protection because they protect the surfaces and at the same time they do not make a shield which will stop the water to go away. That way they save the natural stone without destroying its condition. This type of sealers is also known as “breathable” sealers because of their function.

I had difficulty in choosing the best sealer for my expensive tiles. Also, I was looking for superb quality product which could protect porous stone surfaces. The exterior of my house is decorated in porous stones – it is very beautiful and gives a unique charm to the place. The porous stone decoration looks so natural, being combined with the garden full of flowers.

I have heard that I should not use vinegar, lemon juice or other natural acidic cleaners which can damage the condition of the tiles. That is why I decided homemade cleaning recipes are absolutely inapplicable to my tiles. Moreover, I should avoid using acidic cleaners that contain toxic chemicals – for instance, bathroom tiles cleaners. I started searching online for the top quality water-based sealers which come at a reasonable price. Then I found this incredible sealer, offered by Prochem Kärcher Group – Water – Based Tile and Grout Sealer B462. It comes into 1 gallon bottle of ready to use solution which is enough for protecting approximately 300 – 400 square feet of porous grout. It is good for commercial and residential use.

When I received the product, I used it the very same day. I put a layer of that sealer on all the porous stones that decorated the exterior of my house. The bottle was enough for covering all the surfaces outside the house and even there was enough liquid for applying the tiles inside the house. I was amazed how just 1 bottle of this product could be enough for protecting all the surfaces in my house.

At present, several months later have gone since the day I applied the liquid. Now I am going to clean the stone surfaces outside the house with water and remove all the dirt from them. After that I am going to apply Water – Based Tile and Grout Sealer B462 again. Although this sealer provides protection for your porous stones, you need to use Water – Based Tile and Grout Sealer B462 several times a year. You cannot expect that when you apply the sealer once it will protect your stones forever. You need to take regular care for all the surfaces inside and outside your house, if you want to enjoy your lovely home. You know that outdoor porous stones need more attention than the one, kept inside your house. They are left in the severe weather conditions – rain, snow, sun. That is why you need to rely on high- quality product for their protection and maintaining their magnificent look. Water – Based Tile and Grout Sealer B462 by Prochem Kärcher Group is exactly the product that you need. It is superb quality and comes at very decent price. It is impregnator which is the more appropriate type for sealer for exterior stone protection.

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