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Choosing professional carpet cleaning service in Mayfair is crucial! If you need the highest grade carpet cleaning and stain treatment you came to the right place! Carpet Cleaning Mayfair LTD is a local company with more than 8 years of experience in this field – this will help our experts to privide you with the best carpet cleaning for your home or office!

Why you should choose our company carpet cleaning Mayfair?

  • By choosing Carpet Cleaning Mayfair Ltd as your trusted carpet cleaning services provider you choose a company with long history and numerous satisfied clients.

  • Carpet Cleaning Mayfair Ltd uses carpet cleaning methods recommended by the largest carpet manufacturers.

  • Carpet Cleaning Mayfair Ltd works with ecologically safe detergents and thus takes care for your health and your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Mayfair Ltd provides proper solutions to your unique situation at reasonable prices.

Why should carpets be professionally cleaned on a regular basis fromCarpet Cleaning Mayfair Ltd ?

Most people clean their carpets to make them nice looking. This is a good reason to clean often your carpets but you should know that professionally cleaned carpets are also an investment your and your beloved ones health.

Carpets can quickly accumulate dirt, dust mites, mold, fungi, bacteria, flees, and many other allergens and health hazardous substances. Most of these contaminants are invisible to your naked eye but actually they pollute the air your family breathe at home. Even if your carpet looks clean it might be significantly dirtier than you suppose. Vacuuming is not enough to properly maintain your carpet clean and healthy all the time. Neither steaming on your own does it. Professional steam carpet cleaning in Mayfair is the most appropriate way to protect both, your carpets and your health.

By choosing a carpet cleaning service like Carpet Cleaning Mayfair Ltd you choose a trusted partner that will properly clean and maintain your carpet. Our highly-trained technicians with their high-tech equipment and advanced cleaning methods will give your carpet the deepest and most proper cleaning possible at reasonable price.

How to choose the best carpet cleaning method?

The choice of the right carpet cleaning method is critical for the proper carpet cleaning process. Licensed carpet cleaning services providers like Carpet Cleaning Mayfair Ltd use four basic carpet cleaning methods. They are as follows:

  • Carpet shampooing
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Steam carpet cleaning

The first method mentioned above uses a lot of stable foam to attract and vacuum up the soil. This method reduces wetting but it uses detergents that when dry leave sticky residue particles which may cause resoiling.

Bonnet method is often called “Dry cleaning”, which is wrong since it needs water. It is based on the use of a brush and cleaning formula that soaks the carpet and damages its fibers. That is why most carpet manufacturers do not recommend using Bonnet method.

Dry cleaning uses carpet absorbent formula, which is are supposed to attract the dirt stored in the carpet. Its biggest advantage is the use of modicum of water, which shortens the drying period. However, its main disadvantage is the appearance of fine white powder residues which spoil the quality of indoor air.

Steam carpet cleaning is often called hot water extraction. This method is proven to be the best carpet cleaning method. All carpet manufacturers recommend exactly the use of this particular method to have your carpets properly cleaned and maintained. This is the only carpet cleaning method considered as “deep carpet cleaning” because only it removes all the dirt kept in the fibers. Compared to other methods steam cleaning is more environmentally-friendly as long as it leaves the least amounts of cleaning agents in the carpet fibers after finishing the cleaning process. This method uses the spraying of solution of hot water and cleanser into the carpet and powerful vacuuming the water and soil into a holding tank. Steam carpet cleaning is preferred from a health standpoint because the water is exhausted from the carpet to 99 percent and thus the likelihood of establishment and growth of molds and their spores is reduced. This method also uses only eco-friendly cleaning agents, so that it is safe for both, your health and your carpets.

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