Man-Made Tile and Grout Restoration with Restoration Tile and Grout Cleaner D405

When I was renovating my bathroom I faced the question should I use travertine tiles or man-made tiles? I have heard that travertine tiles are better quality and houses with such type of tiles sell at a higher price. Moreover, they are more expensive than man-made tiles and are very resistant. However, when I searched for more information, I discovered that travertine tiles are porous and they require sealing 2 or 3 times every year. I could do it by myself or hire a professional firm to do it for me. Definitely travertine tiles need special attention and care. I didn’t want so much trouble so I decided that man-made tiles are a more appropriate choice for my bathroom. I found really beautiful man-made tiles that look like travertine. There were several reasons for making this choice – the tiles were as beautiful as natural stone tiles; they were more affordable, and not at the last place – they were easy for maintaining.

Unfortunately, although I clean my bathroom tiles every week, after 1 year they lost their amazing condition. They seemed warn out and dirty. There were remains of soap scum and rust in several areas in the bathroom. It turned out that the cleaning product I was using once a week was not effective enough for solving these problems. It made the bathroom clean and fresh but on the next day the pleasant scent was gone and my bathroom tiles looked dirty again. I experimented with many different preparations, some of which were advertised that are designed specifically for bathroom tiles, while others were appropriate for using on all man-made tiles. In fact, all cleaning products I tested had similar effect and didn’t remove the rust and soap scum. I am cleaning the bathroom tiles after each use, but the old stains of soap scum cannot be cleaned. I searched for professional help. I called an expert cleaner and asked for advice what type of preparation to use in those cases. The man told me he would recommend applying Restoration Tile and Grout Cleaner D405 by Prochem Kärcher Group.

I listened to his advice and ordered this restoration product immediately. The specialist from the professional cleaning firm told me this product is specially designed for protection and restoration of man-made tiles. It could effectively remove rust, calcium, urine stains, soap scum, grout ‘haze’, and efflorescence from man-made tile and cement grout. Restoration Tile and Grout Cleaner D405 had very mild pH – less than 1.0 pH – which was the reason it is the ideal tool for restoration and cleaning bathroom man-made tiles. In addition to that, this magnificent product was very economical – 1 bottle of 1 gallon was enough for making up to 17 gallons of ready to use solution. The dilution was 8 – 32 oz. per 1 gallon of water. The professional cleaner told me this is the cleaning product they were using in their expert procedures. Actually, the specialist gave me all this information because he was the husband of my best friend, so this is some kind of secret information.

I purchased Restoration Tile and Grout Cleaner D405 and I cleaned my bathroom the very same day. When I finished the cleaning procedure all the soap stains were gone. Each tile was incredibly clean. What is more, the rust stains have also vanished. It was like I have renovated my bathroom, the change was huge. The product was low foaming and was easy for applying. When I read the instructions I noticed I could use Restoration Tile and Grout Cleaner D405 for cleaning urine stains. Actually, I had such problem on my tiles in the kitchen. I have a dog and sometimes when I don’t come back home on time, urine stains have already appeared on my tiles in the kitchen. I cleaned them immediately after I see them but sometimes they have stayed there for 3 or more hours. That situation happens once or twice a week and that is why the condition of my man-made tiles in kitchen has worsened dramatically. With Restoration Tile and Grout Cleaner D405 I removed the old urine stains with easy. That improved the overall look of the entire kitchen which because of these stains looked awful. If someone who does not know me so well enters in my kitchen would probably think I have really low level of hygiene. That is why improving the look of my tiles in kitchen was of great significance for me. Now I won’t feel embarrassed when someone enters in the kitchen when I am having a party. I just cannot find the right words to explain how extremely satisfied I am because I found the perfect cleaning tool.

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