Light Colored Fine Fabric Cleaning with Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo B104

Light Colored Fine Fabric Cleaning with Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo B104

I have gorgeous white sofa and couch in my living room, made of Haitian cotton. They make the room cozy and pleasant and also give a stylish look to the whole place. However, after some time they lost their magnificent look. The fine fabrics were not as soft as they used to be and the color changed into a brownish. The sparkling white color remained a sweet memory from the past and I completely gave up my pieces of furniture will ever look as they used to. I shared my concerns with my sister and she advised me to try Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo B104 by Prochem Kärcher Group. This was the product she was using for maintaining her Haitian cotton couches. She purchased the 2 couches a couple of months after I got mine but hers were in superb condition. She told me she was cleaning them only with the dry cleaning technique and Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo B104 was the single product she was using since she purchased the couches. This cleaning product formed low-moisture dry foam and removed all the dirt and soils from the surfaces of her furniture. It was the reason why her white couches were still remarkably white and they haven’t lost their fabulous condition.

She gave me her bottle of Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo B104 and assured me after I test it once I will never replace it with other cleaning preparation. It had mild pH – 3.3 – 3.7 – and that was why it was appropriate for using on delicate fibers. It was very gentle to Haitian cotton, raw cotton, and cotton canvas. The bottle she gave me was 1 gallon and she said that from this bottle she could make up to 5 gallons of ready to use solution. Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo B104 was a cleaning product, specially designed for use on light colored cottons. My sister told me its special formula inhibited cellulosic browning.

I applied the shampoo and waited to see the splendid results. Actually, I wasn’t very optimistic about improving the look of my sofa and the couch, but what I could lose if I tried?

I know my pieces of furniture were a bit shabby and dirty and I wasn’t expecting to change much after the cleaning procedure. You will understand my surprise when I was the amazing effect after the dry cleaning process was finished. The greatest change was that they were white again. And I don’t mean whitish – they were perfectly white like in the day I saw them for the first time. I still cannot believe how that happened. I know I have maintained them through the years but they lost their white color long ago. I expected that even Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo B104 is so efficient product; it will work only if your furniture is still white. My sister was applying this shampoo from the day she got her couches. That was my explanation why they still looked magnificent. But when I saw my old shabby brownish pieces of furniture transform in front of my eyes, I was just speechless.

Although it is difficult to describe in words what I felt in the moment I saw sofa and couch, I will make an effort to tell you in details about the fabulous effect of Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo B104. First of all, everything was perfectly white. In fact, I was afraid to sit down because I didn’t want to ruin the white color. It took my 3-4 days to get used to the idea my pieces of furniture are again beautiful and that transformed the look of my entire home. Second of all, they were incredibly soft. I don’t remember whether they were so soft when I bought them, as it was 7 years ago, but I will admit in the last 3 years they were slightly uncomfortable. Third of all, there was a fresh smell, coming from the sofa and the couch. That smell lasted for several weeks. When I was having guests (which was more often than before), they were asking me what air freshener I was using because they wanted to purchase the same for their homes. My friends couldn’t believe me when I told them I wasn’t using a special air freshener. The fresh smell they were sensing was coming from my pieces of furniture. Next, my furniture didn’t lose their white color after some months were gone. This means Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo B104 has long lasting effect and protects the surfaces after the cleaning procedure was finished. I forgot to tell you that because of the dry cleaning procedure, I was able to use the sofa immediately. It was perfectly dry. All in all, Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo B104 is the most remarkable cleaning product I have ever used in my life.

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