We offer ourselves as one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Kensington who has been there beside you for carpets cleaning in Kensington for eight years now. With the help of a skilled and professional team, we – Carpet Cleaning Kensington LTD – have been cleaning carpets and upholstery in your region for years now and successfully claim that we have left behind many satisfied customers who get back to us for deep carpet cleaning again and again.

Our professional team works seven days a week so that they can reach you the moment you want them. With the latest machineries available in the market, they clean your carpets in hours and make them look like new. After you get your carpet cleaned by us you would find them lively again making your home look beautiful and healthy.


Whether you call us to clean carpet at your office, home or restaurant, we make sure that we follow the steps below so that your carpets are disinfected and cleaned.

After we get call from you, out experts visit the site and inspect the carpet. By inspecting they try to measure the amount of dust and germs that may be there in your carpet. Once they know the condition of your carpet, the carpet cleaning Kensington method is decided. Before starting cleaning the carpets, we remove your furniture so that there are no places left where the carpets are not cleaned.

Now, our experts look at the stains and spots on the carpet so that they can decide which cleaning solution would emit them totally from your carpet. For removing various types of stains we treat them in different way. Now, while we start cleaning the carpet, at first the loose dust particles are removed with our heavy extraction method.

Then detergents are applied on the carpet letting them soaked there for about 10 to 15 minutes. In this time the germs and dust floats up and it becomes easy for us to clear them. Now, we would wash your carpets and make sure that even the foam too is removed from the carpet.

After cleaning is completed the carpets are dried and the final result would surely delight you, just like it has been doing others.


If you have carpet at your home, then it is obvious that you have noticed the change in its look after it was installed and later on. So, it’s not just the color of the carpet that changes. With time your carpet accumulates dust and germs. Both of them are harmful.

Accumulation of much dust would destroy the fiber of the carpet and your family may be suffering from allergies as germs have made your carpet their home. Now, being a responsible person, it’s necessary that you keep your carpets clean and hygienic. Even if you have carpets at your office, your employees expect to have germ free space to work on. Moreover, at office the traffic is usually more so there are high chances of the carpet being mutilated.

So, gets steam carpet cleaning on regular basis so that they are disinfected, are clean, and looks healthy.


There are so many options available then why should you get back to us – Carpet Cleaning Kensington LTD ?

  • We have skilled professionals who are trained in and have experience of years.
  • With the best equipment available in the market, our work is more professional.
  • We accept payment in different modes. So, you do not have to worry about the mode of making payment.
  • We understand the importance of time so complete the work within scheduled period as per your convenience.

I’m a new office manager in a quite big office near Chelsea Bridge SW1V. It’s a pretty dynamic environment for an office. A lot of people walking across all the time. We drink a lot of coffee and sometimes we share it with our wall to wall carpet. The carpet did’t like it but no one cared for him! So one of the first things I did after becoming a manager was to provide him a professional help! My wife told me about Steam Carpet Cleaning ltd. I gave them a call and they managed to book me in a short notice. The more important is the result – fantastic job! Stains been here since I work here now are gone! The carpet is like new! It was a nice surprise for my co-workers. I got so many thanks and respect from them. Recommending you is not enough to express my pleasure working with you! Thank you and see you next month!

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