Interim Carpet Cleaning with ProCaps S745

Interim Carpet Cleaning with ProCaps S745

If you work in an office or you run your own restaurant, you should know the carpets placed there require additional care. Regular vacuuming of the surface of the carpeted flooring won’t save it from wearing. After some time the carpet will become dirty and will lose the brightness of its colors. You cannot wait for the deep carpet cleaning procedure which you perform twice a year to renovate your carpeted flooring. For commercial carpets there is a special procedure, called interim cleaning. It is also known as interim maintenance and it resembles a cleaning procedure which requires less time and efforts being compared to deep carpet cleaning. You can perform it by yourself or you can call a specialist cleaner to do it for you. Most people execute interim maintenance on their own, because that way they can refresh the colors of the carpets and bring their fabulous look in no time. This type of process is especially useful for surface cleaning of the carpet. So if you place side by side vacuum cleaning, interim cleaning and steam carpet cleaning, you will see that interim maintenance is more effective than ordinary vacuuming of the surface of the floor covering and easier than deep rug cleaning.

Interim cleaning is helpful for restoring the magnificent appearance of the carpet by removing the dirt and dust from carpet’s fibers. That way you will be able to enjoy your carpet for long period of time. It is well-known that carpets in commercial buildings are enormous and extremely expensive. So keeping them fresh and good-looking is of great significance not only for the overall feeling of the place but also for your pocket. Interim maintenance is used also for reviving carpeted flooring’s textiles. Although interim cleaning is not so efficient in removing bacteria and allergens, hidden deep into carpet’s fibers, it is still of huge importance for removing surface stains and dirt. You cannot remove the soil, sand and other types of unwanted particles if you use only the vacuum cleaner.

If you are interested in interim carpet cleaning, you should know that like any type of carpet washing in order to achieve the best results possible you have to use the right preparation. ProCaps S745 by Prochem Kärcher Group has turned to be the most effective and quality preparation in a liquid form on the market. It is Wool Safe approved and can be used on both natural and synthetic fiber carpets. Moreover, it has neutral pH – 7.0 – 8.0 which is one of the main characteristics which you have to emphasis on when you pick an interim cleaning detergent.

There are various types of interim cleaning techniques, for instance rotary brushing and bonnet. If you want to boost the interim cleaning process with ProCaps S745, you should vacuum clean the carpet before applying the product. After that you need to clean the entire carpet with the solution but you have to focus on high traffic areas. The dilution for ProCaps S745 is 8 oz. per 1 gallon of water. This means 1 bottle of the product will be enough for making up to 17 gallons of ready to use solution for approximately 600-1000 sf per diluted gallon.

Thankful to the formula of ProCaps S745 this is the product which will completely transform your carpet. It inhibits browning, bleeding and wicking. ProCaps S745 as well as the other preparation for interim cleaning by Prochem Kärcher Group ProCaps – Later S750, is low moisture. Both preparations provide excellent soil removal by attraction of the soil on the carpet. The soil is lifted from the surface and converts into micro-fine crystals which are later removed with a vacuum cleaner.

If you want to protect your carpet in a commercial building, you need to use interim cleaning on every three months of the year. Per one year you have to schedule three interim cleaning procedures and minimum one deep cleaning procedure. Depending on the type of your carpet and your personal preferences, the deep carpet cleaning process may be steam or dry carpet cleaning.

Of course, if you have a restaurant coffee and food stains are a huge problem. So you can perform interim cleaning once a month, not once on every three months as prescribed before. Interim procedure is a quick way to improve the look of your carpeted flooring and cope with the stains. Besides that, if there is specific part of the carpet that seems dirtier than the rest, you may perform interim cleaning with ProCaps S745 only on that area of the carpet. Another positive aspect of interim maintenance is that the next deep cleaning process will be much easier than normal. To assure a perfect interim cleaning procedure combine ProCaps S745 with ProCaps and ProCaps Deluxe interim carpet cleaning machines.

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