Providing service for over 8 years, our trained professionals have left their impression on you when it comes to carpet cleaning Ilford. We provide solutions related to carpet cleaning and make sure that after we complete the job you are satisfied with the results. We just do not want to satisfy you, but delighting you is our motto. For this we have acquired the best machines in the market that cleans your carpets, whether in your office or home, like never before.

Whenever you think of washing carpet in Ilford, you need to get in touch with us. We, Carpet Cleaning Ilford LTD are open seven days a week so that we are there for you the moment you need us. Before starting cleaning, our trained professionals make it sure that they have discussed all the problems related to your carpet and then start steam carpet cleaning or use any other appropriate method. We firmly say that once someone trusts our services, they will be owner of spotless carpet.

For making this possible, we, Carpet Cleaning Ilford LTD wash your carpet following the below mentioned steps.


Our motto is to keep your family healthy and thus we follow the below mentioned steps for making it sure that we provide you 100% satisfaction.

  • We start with noticing the type of carpet fiber that your carpet has. It helps us in determining the cleaning solution that will work on your carpet best.
  • Then, we estimate the amount of dust particles, dirt, and other bacteria that may be accumulated inside your carpet.
  • After deciding the amount of dust particles, we choose the detergent that will be best for your carpet. For making sure that your carpet is not damaged by the detergent, we conduct patch test on a small part of it.
  • Then, our spot removal system is applied to remove all the stains and spots from your carpet.
  • For bringing out the accumulated dirt and dust particles from the carpet we apply our modern extraction unit.
  • We ensure that your carpet is disinfected and there are no germs left within it.
  • Finally, to remove any odor that your carpet, may have we apply deodorizing methods. After we complete our work, you are owner of fresh and clean carpet.


This is true that you may vacuum your carpet after regular interval but are you sure that you are able to remove all dust particles from the carpet? Moreover how much time have you spent for cleaning the carpet? And were the results satisfactory? Even you are not sure whether the carpets are disinfected or not!

With so many problems associated with your carpet, getting them cleaned at professional level is the best solution available. When you clean them on regular basis you get various advantages like, your carpets looks clean and increases the aesthetic value of your room. They are disinfected so, there are no health issues at your home for your carpet. Moreover, you cannot remove the stains from spills and other objects. We, with our modern machinery can do it appropriately. So, trust us, and get your carpet clean at regular interval.


Whether its deep carpet cleaning or just vacuuming them, you can trust our services for the following reason

  • Our professional team is well experienced in their work and make sure that they will clean your carpet from the base.
  • We use most modern equipment for cleaning your carpet, so that the textile gets prolonged life.
  • We value your time, and hence are available at your convenience.
  • We, Carpet Cleaning Ilford LTD, have no hidden costs and you have the option to make payment in various ways that may suit you.

I have a small night club and I have trusted Steam Carpet Cleaning ltd for the cleaning on weekly basis.

There are always some cocktails spilt in the carpeted area. They are hard to see but I’m always looking to keep the standards high. The smell on the other hand was a problem. But everything is solved by the professional cleaners from Chelsea Carpet Cleaning! A trustworthy company! The cleaners working there are very nice guys doing their work with passion like me. It’s good to have you. I’m not hesitating recommending them! Thank you!

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