Heavily Soiled Carpet Pre-Treatment with Ultrapac Pre-Treat with LVC S903

Heavily Soiled Carpet Pre-Treatment with Ultrapac Pre-Treat with LVC S903

Nowadays society pays greater attention to safety of cleaning products, especially the levels of VOC which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC represent organic chemicals which are usually in low concentrations and that is why they do not cause significant harmful symptoms. On the other hand, there is definitely negative effect, caused by the vapors of these chemical cleaning products, but it is difficult to be researched and therefore to be made strict conclusion how VOC affect person’s organism. Prochem Kärcher Group is the first company that has come with a product with low VOC which is not only highly-effective but also harmless to people’s health.  Ultrapac Pre-Treat with LVC S903 is this fabulous pre-spray which bares in its name the early term of “Low VOC” and it is “LVC”. Usually the Volatile Organic Compounds have high vapor pressure at normal room temperature. Because of these vapors they usually have specific odor and are one of the major pollutants of the air. Moreover, they are toxic but not at that high level to be considered a direct threat to people’s well-being. However, they cause long-term health problems if you use such product regularly.

It is of great significance to avoid staying inside a room where it has been cleaned with VOC washing product. Probably you don’t know but VOC are contained in new furnishings, wall coverings, and office equipment, apart from cleaning preparations. It is helpful to have a ventilation of your office in order to reduce the VOC affect on your body. A huge per cent of world’s population works indoors and therefore is exposed to the negative effect of VOC many hours a day, everyday. Prochem Kärcher Group is a firm which pays attention on safety of products, offered to its clients. That is why it invented a line of 100% eco-friendly cleaning products, called Axiom Clean Green Products. Ultrapac Pre-Treat with LVC S903 is another safe product, which although is not included in the Axiom Green Line, is a part of another incredible line of cleaning products – Ultrapac. Ultrapac is used as a synonym of high-quality products, when it comes to cleaning carpets and area rugs. It is incredibly efficient but at the same time has pH below 10 which makes it proper for application on 5th generation stain resistant carpets. Not many products can be proud to have such positive characteristics.

I myself have always tried to maintain my home perfectly clean by using exclusively harmless cleaning products. Sometimes I am using homemade cleaning recipes which are very helpful for regular maintaining of your carpeted flooring. Unfortunately, they cannot solve the problem when it comes to heavily polluted carpets. If you do not clean your carpet at regular basis or do not use professional cleaning services once or twice a year, your carpet will become incredibly dirty. You may vacuum it 1 or 2 times a week but that is definitely not enough for having high level of hygiene at home. You should use professional washing products, designed specifically for use on heavily soiled carpets. I am extremely satisfied by Prochem Kärcher Group’s products as they offer great variety of pre-sprays, formulated for use on much damaged carpets. I favor Ultrapac Pre-Treat with LVC S903 the most because it is the only pre-spray, promoted to have low VOC. Of course, all the other pre-sprays, offered by Prochem Kärcher Group are CA VOC-compliant so you can use some of them, if you prefer. Undoubtedly, they represent the best pre-sprays you can find on the market and come at very decent price.

When I am applying Ultrapac Pre-Treat with LVC S903, I combine it with other products by the same producer – Citrus Pro and Liquid Slurry. You can make different combination as you may use other rinsing products like Dry Slurry or All Fiber Rinse. Whatever you choose you won’t be sorry. That way you will achieve superb effect in cleaning and your carpet will have really pleasant scent. Ultrapac Pre-Treat with LVC S903 is odorless which is preferable if you are going to use it for residential and commercial properties. Actually, after you apply it, you will sense mild light scent but it will go away within several minutes. If you still prefer specific odor, you can use some of the deodorizers by Prochem Kärcher Group.

Ultrapac Pre-Treat with LVC S903 can be applied with a pump sprayer or an injection sprayer. If you are going to use a pump sprayer, the necessary dilution is 4 to 6 oz. per gallon of water. If you are going to use an injection sprayer, the dilution will be 1½ to 2½ quarts undiluted per 5 quart container with 1:8 metering tip.

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