Hard Surfaces Cleaning with Wide Range Cleaner D488

Several months ago I decided it is high time to renovate some rooms of our house. We live in my grandparents’ house which I inherited after they passed away and we hadn’t changed anything since we moved in. Two years were gone but I didn’t feel the place like my home, I was still feeling it as my grandparents’ home. Moreover, it was not appropriate for raising a 3-year-old child. Bringing in some fresh colors and new furniture would definitely change the mood in the house. My husband totally agreed with me and found a working brigade who would do all the work. They were professionals, recommended by his best friend, and they did an amazing job. I just loved the results. However, although the atmosphere had changed, more work was needed in order to feel the place like my own castle. I needed to clean everything perfectly and to place the new furniture which I had already chosen.

On the next day after the work was finished, I filled a basket with clean water and used a mop to clean the dust from the floor. I didn’t have experience in cleaning after having a renovation and that is why I wasn’t prepared it would be so difficult. After I cleaned the floor several times with clean water I thought I was done cleaning. Then the floor dry out and I saw the awful white remains of dust on the floor. There were traces from the mop. It looked hopeless. I was extremely tired of cleaning but it was like I haven’t even started. There was absolutely zero effect of my work. As I was too exhausted to continue cleaning, I decided to continue with the cleaning procedure the next day.

When I woke up, I drank my morning cup of coffee and went to the store which was across the street and bought the most expensive cleaning product. Price reflects on quality and having the priciest cleaning solution made me comfortable I can easily clean everything. I dilute the product, as it was written on the label, and cleaned everywhere. I had to repeat the procedure several times and the only change was the scent in the house which was very pleasant. However, all the dirt was still there and I have lost another day.

On the third day I called the working brigade and asked them for a professional advice. They told me they have tested more than 20 different products and the one that really makes a difference is called Wide Range Cleaner D488. It was one of the products, offered by Prochem Kärcher Group which was the best company for high-quality cleaning products. The man explained to me I can use this product on walls, countertops, and hard flooring surfaces such as tile, most natural stone, most brick and cement, VCT, and vinyl. Wide Range Cleaner D488 was recommended as a product which is especially helpful for restoration cleaning jobs. He made me laugh when he told me I can use it for cleaning everything from the walls to the dishes. I answered to him that I don’t intend to clean the dishes with Wide Range Cleaner D488 but I will definitely try it for cleaning the walls and the floor.

I purchased Wide Range Cleaner D488 and I received a bottle of 1 gallon which was enough for making 129 gallons of ready to use solution. The cleaning product had high pH for superior cleaning results. It is advertised as appropriate cleaning solution for commercial cleaning and restoration. I cleaned my entire house, starting from the walls, moving on to different types of floor coverings – tiles and natural stones. I was absolutely contented with the magnificent results I achieved with Wide Range Cleaner D488. All the surfaces were sparkling clean and fresh. That is why I thought I can clean the cement driveway which was really dirty because there were some old grease stains. They were ruining the first impression of the house. It was old 2-storey house that looked phenomenal but the first thing you would see were the grease stains on the driveway. I used Wide Range Cleaner D488 to clean the entire driveway and I admit all the stains were gone. I have never seen the house in so remarkable condition. Now I was ready to place my brand new furniture and to feel cozy in my home. Sometimes I am still using Wide Range Cleaner D488 when I have to clean some very dirty areas in my home. I always clean the kitchen tiles with this product because oil and grease stains are something inevitable for that part of the house. My husband is maintaining the garage with the same product.

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