Fine Fabric Cleaning with Fine Fabric

Fine Fabric Cleaning with Fine Fabric

I have a lot of high quality fine fabrics in my home which are made of Haitian cotton, raw cotton, and cotton canvas. They are extremely expensive and therefore need special attention during the cleaning process. These fine fabrics are very delicate and I have to be very careful when cleaning them. It is of great significance what type of detergents you will use for maintaining such type of fabrics. When I purchased them the seller told me that they may be cleaned by both cleaning techniques – hot water extraction method and dry cleaning method. It was totally up to me and my preferences which type for maintenance I will choose. Of course, both washing methods have their pros and cons but they are both effective for cleaning fine fabrics. The seller emphasized on the cleaning product I was going to use for the maintenance. He recommended products by Prochem Kärcher Group to all his clients, because they were highly efficient in cleaning and also they were safe for using. Prochem Kärcher Group offered to their clients amazing products for maintaining fine fabrics. The seller told me that if I am going to use the hot water extraction method, I should take Fine Fabric Cotton Detergent S704. However, if I was going to rely on dry cleaning technique, I should purchase Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo B104. Both cleaning products came from Prochem Kärcher Group’s list of products. The seller guaranteed that they were the best cleaning solutions for Haitian cotton, raw cotton, or cotton canvas, found on the market.

When I got back home I searched for more information for both products. I trusted the seller but I wanted to find what customers think about Fine Fabric Cotton Detergent S704 and Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo B104. I decided to use steam cleaning method because it was famous for its incredible cleaning abilities. The power of steam eliminates the dirt and bacteria that cannot be cleaned with dry cleaning method. So I focus on Fine Fabric Cotton Detergent S704 which was the detergent I was going to use for the steam cleaning procedure. There were hundreds of positive feed backs for that specific preparation so I though there was nothing to worry about and ordered the product.

Several days later I received a compact jar of dry compound that was enough for making up to 26 gallons of ready to use liquid. I needed to add 4 oz. per 1 gallon of water. I put the jar into the cupboard where I kept all my cleaning tools. It stayed there for about 2 months when I decide to try it for the first time. I hoped it is really that effective as it was written in the forums. I followed the instructions on the label to make the ready to use cleaning solution. Then I applied it on my Haitian cotton, raw cotton, and cotton canvas and waited to see the results. The seller told me this cleaning preparation was specially designed for light cotton fibers. Because of its mild pH – 5.0 – 6.0 – it was perfect for such delicate fibers. Fine Fabric Cotton Detergent S704 inhibits cellulose browning and leaves the surfaces incredibly clean.

After I applied the ready to use solution I was fascinated by the superb results. I can admit that the fabrics were in better condition than they were as a brand new. Then I cleaned my old fine fabrics pieces of furniture and I was amazed by the effect Fine Fabric Cotton Detergent S704 accomplished. I have never believed that they can be returned to the magnificent condition they had many years ago. The cleaning solution brightened the white sofa fibers and left them soft and supple. Although, the sofa was really dirty because I hadn’t cleaned it for a long time, after I finished the steam cleaning procedure, it was sparkling white. When I purchased the white sofa I though only how beautiful it was, and I didn’t consider the fact that the white piece of furniture will need more often cleaning than darker colored furniture. At the beginning, I cleaned it almost every week but after some time I got tired of that process. I started washing it every 3 months and it wasn’t enough. For that reason there was a lot of accumulated dirt and I thought I will have to throw it away. Cleaning it with Fine Fabric Cotton Detergent S704 was the last chance to save it. I was extremely happy and excited when I saw my white sofa in brilliant condition. Fine Fabric Cotton Detergent S704 saved me much money which I was going to give for a new piece of furniture. I am very satisfied I have an effective cleaning product at my disposal which is gentle to fine fabrics.

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