Fine Fabric and Upholstery Cleaning with Dry Cleaning Compound B137

Fine Fabric and Upholstery Cleaning with Dry Cleaning Compound B137

The two main cleaning methods are the hot water extraction cleaning technique and dry cleaning. Both have their pros and cons. For instance, many people prefer the first method because it uses the power of heated water to eliminate all the unwanted particles on various surfaces – allergens, bacteria, etc. Other people favor the second method of washing because it leaves the cleaned surfaces completely dry and you can use them immediately after finishing the cleaning process. Moreover, some carpets and upholstery should not be maintained by using the steam cleaning method because it can damage the fibers they are made of. Some fine fabrics and upholstery should be cleaned only via dry cleaning method. This washing procedure is also highly effective but is gentler to delicate fibers than the steam cleaning procedure.

I had to clean my upholstery and it was the first time I was going to do it by myself. I have used professional cleaning services before and then the expert cleaners told me that I should always use dry cleaning method for cleaning. The high temperature water cleaning technique was not appropriate for my upholstery because it should not be wet. Steam cleaning would damage my upholstery so that was incredibly helpful information for me to know. After I followed the cleaning process closely, I decided that the next time I can do it by myself. I didn’t want to schedule a cleaning appointment every time I had a steam or some kind of soil on my upholstery and fine fabrics. So several months later after the expert cleaning procedure, I decided it is high time to test my cleaning skills. I had already purchased the special machine for dry cleaning and now I was searching for the most appropriate compound.

Actually, I had written on a small piece of paper what compound the professional cleaners were using, and now I just had to find where I have placed this note. Unfortunately, it was not that easy as it sounds. I am not an organized person so I spend several hours in searching every corner in the house till I found it. You may ask why I didn’t search in internet for appropriate dry cleaning compound, and answer your question immediately. I will answer your question immediately – I know there are hundreds different compounds offered on the market and they are all advertised as efficient but I am sure not every cleaning compound meets the description of the producer. I have already tested the effect of Dry Cleaning Compound B137 by Prochem Kärcher Group and I was convinced in its superb cleaning abilities. Not only it removed all the soils and dirt from my upholstery, but also left an incredibly pleasant smell after that. Everything was perfectly clean and soft when I touched it and I wanted to experience that feeling again.

After I found the note where I have written its name – Dry Cleaning Compound B137 by Prochem Kärcher Group – I ordered it and received it a couple of days later. The product was ready to use, there was no need to dilute it. It was a blended solvent for on-location dry cleaning. On the label it was written it can be used on wool, cotton, silk and other delicate fabrics. The compound could be used in solvent – specific cleaning equipment. The cleaning procedure was really easy. There is no need to be a professional cleaner to maintain your upholstery and fine fabrics by using dry cleaning technique.

After I finished cleaning I was very excited that I accomplished the same superb effect like the professional cleaners several months ago. The surfaces were absolutely remarkable – ideally clean and fresh. All the dirt and stains were vanished and my favorite sofa looked like a brand new piece of furniture. The thing I enjoyed the most was the fresh scent that changed the air in the entire house. When you enter the front door, you immediately sense incredibly pleasant smell. It is like you have just sprayed the house with an air-freshener. The smell is even more pleasant – I just cannot describe that feeling.

To sum up, if you are searching for the top quality dry cleaning compound at a very reasonable price, Dry Cleaning Compound B137 is definitely what you need. It is a professional cleaning compound that can be used by anyone who has appropriate dry cleaning equipment. It is affordable and anyone can order it. This amazing cleaning product will leave all the cleaned surfaces in superb condition. It will make your home more enjoyable and cozy place by leaving a fresh scent. This smell doesn’t vanish after a day or two – it lasts for weeks. I will recommend Dry Cleaning Compound B137 to all my friends.

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