Buying a new carpet is something you have enjoyed. Now after a year you are worried how can you keep it looking like new? Do not worry and give us a call. We, Carpet Cleaning Enfield LTD , are providing carpet cleaning services since 8 years successfully and making sure that our customers are 100%satisfied. For washing carpet in Enfield we are trusted name in the industry who has been offering it with the help of their skilled and trained professionals.

Our skilled professionals have gained their experience by deep carpet cleaning with the help of the most modern equipment. We ensure that we use the most modern methods to clean your carpet and make them lively again. Being providing service for seven days a week, we make it easier to schedule carpet cleaning with us. Just give us a call and our experts would reach you to inspect your carpets.


We firmly believe that our customer must know how we are cleaning the carpets. Hence, we follow the following steps that make your carpet perfectly clean and clear.

  • After our professional inspects your carpet, they can gauge the amount of dust and dirt that is accumulated in the carpet. Now, depending on the condition of the carpet they decide the carpet cleaning method.
  • When we start our work, we remove the furniture from their places so that we can clean the carpet thoroughly and not just the open areas.
  • Then after looking at the different stains and the fiber of your carpet we decide upon the detergents that would be used for cleaning the stains and dust removal. We have different methods for removing different types of stains.
  • After that we remove the loose dirt particles from the carpet with the help of our heavy extraction method.
  • Once clean from loose dirt and germs, we apply cleaning solution and let it get soaked for about 10 to15 minutes. After that period the grime and dust would float up on the surface.

In steam carpet cleaning, we use the modern method to remove these dust and dirt so that your carpet becomes germfree and at the same time looks clean too.

  • Now we, Carpet Cleaning Enfield LTD, would wash your carpet and it takes about some time depending upon the size of your carpet. We ensure that the foam that is formed from the cleaning solution is cleaned properly so that your carpet does not become sticky later on.
  • It’s time to dry the carpet and show you the end result.


Many people would have the opinion that why should they spend their hard earned money on when they can do it themselves. For such people we would just request to take our service once and see the difference. They would surely change their opinion as they would understand that after Carpet Cleaning Enfield LTD their carpets are really looking like new. Apart from that when you clean your carpets on regular basis you ensure that

  • The carpets are disinfected and you and your family do not have any chances of getting ill from the germs present in the carpet.
  • Upon regular cleaning, dust cannot accumulate at the base of the carpet. Such dirt is reason for the damage of the fiber of the carpet.
  • We have special stain removal techniques and after we complete our work, you would find your carpet are free from stains too.


For making our customer satisfied we provide the best services possible. Our trained professionals are skilled enough to understand the nature of the carpet and clean accordingly. With the help of the most modern machineries, it takes only few hours to clean carpets all over the premises. Being just a call away, you can get our services seven days a week according to the time schedule set by you. With different payment mode you can pay us the way you like.

Hi! I’m Jessie from Belgravia and I’m a proud owner of one hairy black cat and two rabbits. I have them running around from 2 years and I’m very happy to have them! But the cleaning has become the most unpleasant and boring thing to do. There is so much fur (and who know what else) in the carpet fibers It takes me hours to clean it in only one of the rooms. The saviors came from Steam Carpet Cleaning ltd and they are the best.

It may sound common but they did fantastic work! The carpets have never been cleaner. I never thinked they can be made so clean and fresh. There was stains here and there ofc but they are gone too! Thank you for your professional work guys! I will see you again soon!

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