According to a current inquiry, Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD provides the best mattress maintaining in Egham TW20. Steam Carpet Cleaning LTD is recognized for its highly-effective maintaining processes and the application of only safe maintaining preparations. We schedule customers’ cleaning processes always and you can always find knowledgeable booking agents who will give you the information you need. If you are looking for a professional advice or urgently support, give us a call. Our team of specialists attends courses several times a year so that we can to learn the latest cleaning techniques.


Mattress Steam Cleaning Prices
Single mattress /both side/ £20
Double mattress /both side/ £25
King size mattress /both side/ £35
Super King size mattress /both side/ £40
Queen size mattress /both side/ £45


Mattress cleaning is extremely important for maintaining high level of hygiene at home. Having undisturbed sleep is the primary reason for feeling in excellent mood on the next day. Refreshing environment in your bed assures you longer and unruffled sleep. The most common problems for your bed are body fluids like sweat, urine and blood. Dust mites, mold and mildew are other common problems for mattresses. Actually, if you don’t wash your body every night before going to bed, you will find your mattress is dirty on the morning. Each of us would like to have specialized mattress maintaining in Egham TW20 several times a year.

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