Effective Pre-Treatment of Heavily Soiled Carpets

Effective Pre-Treatment of Heavily Soiled Carpets

Effective Pre-Treatment of Heavily Soiled Carpets with Ultrapac Trafficlean S712

If you want to remove the dirt and soils from your carpeted flooring with ease, you should know some little tricks. Probably the most significant factor is the pre-treatment with the right product which will guarantees to you fast and effective removal of heavy soils. It can make even the most damaged carpet, covered in various stains, look like a brand new one. It is best to use pre-sprays and detergents from the same producer because that way you will accomplish the best results.

I have great experience in fighting different carpet problems because I have been working as an expert cleaner for more than 8 years. My professional opinion is that most people do not know how to take care for their area rugs and carpets. Usually they don’t maintain it well as they don’t clean them regularly. In addition to that they do not use the most appropriate cleaning products. Sometimes customers use high pH detergents for treating natural fiber carpets which completely destroys them. That is why I decided to help those people keep their carpets at better condition for longer period of time. The major cause for these mistakes is that people do not know the basic rules for proper carpet maintenance.

First of all, it is necessary to vacuum the carpets several times a week. The minimum is 2 times. If you have kids or pets, you should use the vacuum cleaner almost everyday in order to keep high level of hygiene on your carpet. Second of all, you should remove stains as soon as possible. Don’t leave them to dry. Third of all, it is required to use professional carpet cleaning services once a year in order to prolong the life of the carpeted flooring. The next significant rule is to use cleaning products of highly trusted producer of such products. Do not purchase detergents or pre-sprays from the store nearby or cleaning products which are sold cheaper. I recommend you using cleaning products, exclusively offered by Prochem Kärcher Group. This is definitely the leader in producing effective cleaning products. There are specific products for synthetic carpets and other products – for natural fiber carpets. Also, there is a long variety of professional carpet cleaning pre-sprays and traffic lane products, especially designed to cope with heavily soiled carpets.

I can say from my personal experience that the most effective pre-spray for heavily polluted carpets is Ultrapac Trafficlean S712 by Prochem Kärcher Group. It is appropriate for domestic and commercial cleaning. Although it is incredibly powerful, it has mild pH which makes it good for using on 5th generation stain-resistant carpets. Moreover, it is very economical as just 1 bottle of this pre-spray is enough for making up to 33 gallons of ready to use cleaning solution. The next factor which makes it the preferable choice of pre-spray for me is that it leaves pleasant light scent. That means there will be no need to deodorize the carpet additionally. That will save you money from purchasing deodorizer. Pre-sprays offered by this fabulous producer are believed to be the gold-standard in the carpet maintaining industry. This is considered to be secret information but the most successful carpet cleaning companies in our city rely entirely on pre-sprays, offered by Prochem Kärcher Group. The company, I work for, uses only Ultrapac Trafficlean S712 for the carpets in worst condition. It is helpful for removing heavy soils and grease from carpeted flooring. It has really incredible effect.

However, you should know it is best to combine it with other products by the same company. You can boost your Ultrapac with Prochem Kärcher Group’s Citrus Pro, and extract with one of Prochem Kärcher Group’s premium alkaline or acidic extraction rinses – for instance, Liquid Slurry, Dry Slurry, All Fiber Rinse or All Fiber Deep Clean. All these products are extremely effective and you won’t be sorry no matter which of them you choose. Besides all the positive characteristics of Ultrapac Trafficlean S712, it has CRI Seal of Approval. As I mentioned before, it also meets specifications to preserve the stain-resistance warranty of residential 5th generation carpet.

I recommend this fabulous pre-spray to all my customers who want to maintain their carpeted flooring by themselves. There are instructions on the label how to dilute it if you are going to use a pump sprayer or an injection sprayer. It is good for use in offices, health care facilities, dorms, rentals and any other places with heavy soiled carpets. This pre-spray is good for coping with red dirt, sand, dust, grease and many other problems, often seen on carpets. It is affordable and highly effective. I am 100 % sure after you test Ultrapac Trafficlean S712 once, you will never replace it with another pre-spray.

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