Different Methods of Cleaning Carpet

Before you want to get professionals for carpet cleaning in Chelsea (SW1A, SW1E , SW1H, SW1P, it would be better if you have some idea about the various types of carpet cleaning methods. It would let you talk with the professionals properly and hence choose the right method for cleaning your carpet.

Here are the types of carpet cleaning in Chelsea (SW1V, SW1W, SW1X, SW1Y, SW2 .

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Also known as Steam carpet cleaning, in this method high pressured hot water is sprayed on the carpet for dissolving the dust and dirt. Some cleaning agent is applied on the soiled surface of the carpet and then it is brushed. At last it is rinsed and would be left to dry, either in room temperature or at air conditioned temperature.

Carpet Shampooing

This method of carpet cleaning was famous before few years. Shampoo was used to be applied on the carpet and left over for some time so that it dissolved the dirt. However, huge amount of wet foam was left behind as residue and it takes longer period for them to dry. Even after drying it becomes sticky and the carpet loses its luster soon.


When it was found that shampooing the carpet was not a good solution, foam encapsulation was started. In this method, synthetic detergent were used as a base which crystallizes to powder form when dries. After this is applied the loosed dust particles are encapsulated into the powder which can be vacuumed after they dry.
This is considered better than shampooing a carpet as it is drier method than shampooing. As less chemical residue is left at the carpet after it is cleaned, the environmentalist too like it most.
There are many other methods of carpet cleaning in Chelsea (SW3,SW4, SW5, SW6) and once the professional have a look at your carpet they can suggest you the best method. You can seek professional assistance from Chelsea Carpet Cleaning LTD for cleaning your carpet the best way.


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