Different Categories of Carpet Cleaning

There are different methods for carpet cleaning in Bromley, however these various methods can be classified into 4 categories. They are home-based cleaning, wet cleaning, dry cleaning, and steam cleaning. Let’s discuss about each of the types and find out which one would be best for your home.

Home-Based Carpet Cleaning

This technique was there when there was no commercial carpet cleaning in Bromley, Petts Wood, St Mary Cray, St Paul’s Cray, Ruxley. People used home based things for cleaning their carpet. Common techniques for stain removal were by applying lemon, tea leaves, pipe clay, and other such substances. For removing the dust and pollens from the carpet procedures like hanging and shaking were used.
For removing the different types of dust from the carpet, rug beaters, carpet rod, brooms, and brushes were used. Later after invention of vacuum cleaning machine, they are widely in use.

Dry Cleaning for Carpets

Gradually as pro experts started joining this industry, different methods of dry cleaning was started. In this method, the moisture content is very low and specialized machines are used for cleaning the carpet. In the process of dry cleaning, dry absorbent compounds are used. After they are spread over the carpet, they attract the dust from it. Another method is encapsulation where the dirt is converted into dry residues that are vacuum immediately. You would need expert hands to clean carpet by this method.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning and shampoo cleaning are two methods of wet carpet cleaning. In bonnet cleaning, special rotating brushes are used along with cleaning solutions for removing soil and dirt from the carpets. Again in this method also, you need experts for handling the procedure of cleaning.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

It is also known as hot water extraction and is considered to be the most common method for cleaning carpets. With a mixture of cleaning solution and hot water the carpets are deep cleaned under this method.
For cleaning your carpets with any methods mentioned you can trust the professional services by Bromley Carpet Cleaning LTD in Bromley.

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