Cold Water Carpet Cleaning

Cold Water Carpet Cleaning with XL-333 Extraction Liquid S825

Everyone has their preferences for the way they perform . Some favor hot water extraction cleaning because they believe this is the only way to remove all the dirt from the carpet. Steam cleaning method is popular for eliminating bacteria and allergens. Others consider cold water carpet washing as a safer way to maintain their carpeted flooring. Some natural fibers can be damaged by hot or warm water, so using cold water is the only trustworthy way of refreshing your carpet. Not long ago you had to use different detergent for various types of cleaning. However, now you have the opportunity to use one and the same preparation for dilution with cold, hot and warm water. XL-333 Extraction Liquid S825 by Prochem Kärcher Group is the most innovative cleaning product, offered by the leader in the producing high-quality products for maintaining excellent hygiene at home.

I am working professionally as a carpet cleaner and that is why I am informed about the latest and most effective carpet cleaning products. In this business you have to keep yourself up to date in order to provide the best services on the market. I myself, as well as my team of expert cleaners, visit annual trainings and meetings in order to be aware of the most modern cleaning products and techniques for providing superb procedures to our clients. Each carpet washing process is a test for our company on which we prove ourselves and our skills. Building a name in this sphere and being recognized as a trustworthy expert firm is the most important part of our job. It is possible to be achieved only if we perform outstanding services at each procedure.

From several years we are relying on Prochem Kärcher Group. We are using exceptionally products by this company and we are extremely satisfied by the quality we get. However, at the last expert meeting I attended I learned about a new cleaning product, called XL-333 Extraction Liquid S825. By its incredibly effective formula it proved to be equally resulting when you dilute it with cold and hot water. In my career I have never seen so remarkable detergent like this. Usually cleaning products are strictly divided in usable with hot water, and usable with cold water. The second advantage of this preparation was that it could be used with truckmounts and portables. On the one hand, if you need to use it with a truckmount, the dilution will be 1 quart per 5 gallons of water. On the other hand, if your company is working with portables, the dilution will be 2 oz. per 5 gallons water. XL-333 Extraction Liquid S825, like most of the products, offered by Prochem Kärcher Group comes into a bottle of 1 gallon. Unlike most Prochem Kärcher Group’s preparations which are also economical, this one is ultra-concentrated. One bottle of the liquid will be enough for making up to 320 gallons of ready to use solution. The preparation has relatively high pH – 9.6 – 9.9 – and that is why it is so powerful in cleaning heavy soiled areas.

XL-333 Extraction Liquid S825 can be successfully used for maintaining perfect look of restaurant carpets and carpets in commercial buildings. These places are famous for their exposure to various types of dirt and food stains but just 1 cleaning procedure with XL-333 Extraction Liquid S825 will guarantee to you fresh and spotless carpeted flooring. Our team of expert cleaner is always using this product when we have to clean heavily damaged restaurant carpets, covered in grease and food stains. Even the toughest stains cannot resist on its powerful formula and disappear completely. Sometimes we are applying the product for cleaning much damaged carpets in residential homes. This happens when there are pets living in the house, and therefore the carpets are covered in urine stains. If you have to cope with urine contamination, the necessary dilution will be 1 quart per 5 gallons of water. You can apply it without hesitation on residential carpets because XL-333 Extraction Liquid S825 meets the specification for use on stain-resistant carpets. This specific product is phosphate-free, and contains corrosion inhibitors.

I recommend XL-333 Extraction Liquid S825 to all my customers who need an advice for efficient product for maintaining their home clean and tidy. Most of them use professional carpet cleaning services twice a year and meanwhile they take care for their carpets. I advise them to vacuum the carpet 2 or 3 times every week and to wash it at least once a month. That way they will prevent the carpet from wearing and will enjoy its fabulous look for a long time. XL-333 Extraction Liquid S825 is easy for measurement and dilution. It is really affordable so everyone could benefit from it.


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