Cleaning Tile and Hard Surfaces with Professional Tile

Cleaning Tile and Hard Surfaces with Professional Tile

Three years ago I bought my first house and I although it needed restoration, I was excited to have a home. Every night I pictured every detail in my mind – the beautiful natural stone alley that will lead to the house, surrounded by roses and other flowers; when you enter the front door the whole first floor will be with tiles; the driveway will be made by cement, decorated in special figures, imitating paving-stones. I have imagined everything even before I purchased the house. When I started searching for my future home, I was looking for the place I have already built in my mind. When I saw this house for the first time, I saw the potential it had. I made an offer for the house and several weeks later it was mine. The reconstruction of the house took four months but finally it was perfect.

Meanwhile, I met my future husband. We fall in love from the first sight and got married seven months after that. We moved in the gorgeous house which was already fully restored on my taste. Everything happened so quickly. The next month after the wedding I found out I was pregnant. Now I am a happy mother of twins who are toddlers. You can understand my worries about maintaining high level of hygiene. It turned out it is incredibly difficult task. When I pictured the first floor of the house with tiles, I didn’t consider how difficult it will be for maintaining. Actually, it wouldn’t be so difficult if I had chosen darker color tiles. My tiles are light beige and every piece of dirt is easily noticeable. Now when my two boys are trying to make their first steps, I need to pay attention to perfect hygiene more than usual. They love sitting and playing on the tile floor so it need to be in superb condition. I am cleaning it every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day if necessary.

I need highly effective cleaning products which can be used on tiles, natural stone surfaces and cement (probably you remember that I wanted my alley with natural stones and the driveway – with cement). I have tried more than 10 different products some of which were really expensive, but I wasn’t satisfied with the effect they had. All of them I saw in advertisements in the newspaper or on TV, but that didn’t make them top-quality products. Finally, I decided I have to change my strategy for searching the best cleaning product. I started asking my friends for advice what product to apply on the mentioned surfaces. Almost everyone told me they use some of the products I have already tested but did not please me. Then I thought that I have too many expectations which are not realistic. At the end, one of my neighbors told me she was using a product which came at very decent price but is incredible effective. Till then I hadn’t heard its name – Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner D456 by Prochem Kärcher Group. I decided to take it because she told me this is the best cleaning product she had used. It was appropriate for application on man-made tile, grout, and some VCT, vinyl, cement, and natural stone surfaces. According to her, Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner D456 could clean all the problem areas in my home, and was proper for commercial and residential use.

I purchased Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner D456 by Prochem Kärcher Group but I didn’t believe to be much different than the long list of products I have used. I decided to start the cleaning procedure from the cement driveway where there was a huge grease stain from the car. I have tried many times to clean it but none of them was successful. Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner D456 came into a bottle of 1 gallon which was enough for making 8 gallons of ready to use liquid. My neighbor told me I have to dilute it and then spray onto soiled surfaces to loosen and break-down greasy stains, oily soils and dirt. I used the brush to rub the grease stain on the driveway and left it to act for 10 minutes. After that I cleaned the area with clean water. When I finished cleaning the driveway, the enormous grease stain was gone. There wasn’t even a trace of it. I was very excited and then I cleaned the entire first floor. Although, I was taking everyday care for maintaining perfect hygiene, I was absolutely stunned how much cleaner everything was. All the tough soils, the hair and body oils from our dog were washed away.

I will definitely recommend Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner D456 to all my friends who just don’t know what they are missing.

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