Cleaning Synthetic Carpets from Food Soils and Fats

Cleaning Synthetic Carpets from Food Soils and Fats

Last year I moved to a new house and therefore I wanted to purchase new carpeted flooring for all the rooms in the house. After careful selection I chose beautiful beige synthetic carpets which completely transformed the space. It made it feel cozier and more comfortable. When I finally moved in after the renovation, I had guests at home almost every day. I wanted to show my new place to all my friends because this was my first home which I have purchased with my savings. Till that moment I was living with my parents and buying a house made me feel more responsible and independent person.

The result of having so many guests was everyday vacuuming, cooking delicious meals and arranging the table. After some time I got tired from these activities which turned to an everyday routine for me. At the beginning it was so much fun but soon cleaning the stylish carpets was a real nightmare for me. The dirt was more difficult for removing and the food soils from the meals I was preparing every day caused me so much trouble. Moreover, I get really nervous and stressed out when I couldn’t remove the grease and grime from the carpet’s surface. I tried various preparations but then I read most of them contain toxic chemicals which are harmful for person’s health.

That was the reason I turned to natural ways of cleaning – for example, removing oil stains with salt and backing soda. However, these methods didn’t satisfy me at all because they had some effect only if I notice the stain immediately after its appearance. This was almost always impossible as I wasn’t paying attention to such things while I was having guests at home. After several months my carpets were ruined – there were some huge oil stains and many tinier which destroyed the beautiful look of my brand new floor coverings.

I searched for information online and found some very interesting and helpful opinions of people who were telling they are very pleased with the products of Prochem Kärcher Group. I checked this company and it turned out it is the leader in carpet cleaning industry. It was offering incredibly wide range of professional products for removing various types of stains from carpets. The next thing I did was checking their website where I found exactly what I needed – Power Burst SR S732. According to the description it was the ideal cleaning product for me. First of all, it was designed for compatibility with stain-resist treatments on nylon carpets. It was the ideal product for cleaning of heavily soiled synthetic residential carpets. Second of all, it came as a powder which especially for me is preferable because it is easier to be measured. The third important factor was that it has lower pH – 9.2 – 9.8 – which was meeting residential carpet warranties.

I purchased Power Burst SR S732 by Prochem Kärcher Group and I wasn’t disappointed by my choice. It turned out to be the right one. Just after one application my carpets were perfectly clean. There wasn’t a single stain, remained on the surface. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Having in mind in what terrible condition they were – all covered in grease, grime and protein soils – the effect was really remarkable. It was like I have just brought them home from the store. Their fibers were in incredible condition. They weren’t damaged and the color hadn’t faded. I am mentioning this because many customers complain that after they use some preparation for removing oils from the carpet, the stains are cleaned but the color of the carpet is faded at the place where the stains used to be. Well, I didn’t have such problem. I was absolutely fascinated by the astonishing results. The carpet smelled very fresh which was also improving the air in the whole house.

I am regularly using Power Burst SR S732 as it is very economical – 1 jar is enough for making up to 34 gallons of ready to use cleaning solution. The powder is high-heat, freeze and thaw stable. It is safe for my synthetic carpets and I am cleaning them with Power Burst SR S732 twice a month. This is enough for maintaining clean and fresh home without any food soils and fats on my carpets. This is the reason I have better social life and I have parties at home often. I am happy I have found a product I can rely on! I will recommend this amazing product to anyone who is having difficulties in maintaining their carpets in the best possible condition. It is incomparable product for cleaning synthetic carpets from vegetable oils and grease, often used in the cuisine.

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