Cleaning Heavily Soiled Carpets

Cleaning Heavily Soiled Carpets

It is always beneficial to have an efficient detergent when it comes to removing heavy soils from the carpets. However, before you find the most effective preparation, you may waste much time and money on cleaning products which just don’t work. I have this unpleasant experience with ineffective cleaning solutions, widely advertised on TV and newspapers. I made the same mistake as many other housewives who purchase only products, seen on TV. As my mother used to say the best products don’t need to be advertised, they speak for themselves. So after experimented with the most expensive and highly advertised preparations for maintaining carpets, I decided to listen to the advice my mother gave me and try something else. She told me she was using this pre-spray from a long time and she would change it for anything. Ultrapac Trafficlean S711 by Prochem Kärcher Group was the pre-spray she gave me and she told me if I don’t like its effect, to give the bottle back to her.

I needed professional help because my carpet was in really terrible condition. Although we purchased it 2 years ago, it was so heavily soiled that I was already considering the idea of replacing it with a new one. Actually, I have begun choosing new carpeted flooring, but all the carpets were so expensive and we couldn’t afford such an investment. My husband works as a builder and that is the reason for this awful condition of the carpet. When he enters home he brings in all the dirt from the construction area which has covered his clothes and shoes. We started arguing because of that problem because I was insisting to take the shoes off before entering the house but he always forgets about that. The dirt and dust have penetrated so deep into the carpet fibers that it is impossible to vacuum it even with my powerful vacuum cleaner. Moreover, I am expecting a baby and want to provide a healthy and pleasant atmosphere for him. So that is why I get so angry when I see all the dirt and bacteria, laid on my carpeted flooring. I feel like I live in a construction area. In addition to that, I am sneezing because of the dust and it gets more difficult for me to maintain the carpet in relatively bearable condition.

My mother gave me 1 gallon bottle of this magnificent pre-spray which was enough for making up to 33 gallons of ready to use solution. Although she has used the liquid many times for washing her gorgeous carpeted flooring, it was still half full. She told me I can use Ultrapac Trafficlean S711 without concerning whether it will damage the carpet’s fibers. It has pH below 10 which made it right for application on 5th generation stain resistant carpets. In addition to this pre-spray, she gave me several other carpet cleaning products by Prochem Kärcher Group – Prochem Kärcher Group’s Citrus Pro and All Fiber Deep Clean. She explained the best effect in carpet cleaning is accomplished only if I use them in combination. She preferred using Prochem Kärcher Group’s products because this company was the leader in producing effective carpet cleaning preparations.

I began the carpet cleaning process with vacuuming the entire carpet. Then I made the necessary dilution for a pump sprayer which was 4 to 6 oz. per gallon of water. If I was going to use an injection sprayer the dilution was going to be 1½ to 2½ quarts per 5 quart container with 1:8 metering tip. I covered the whole surface of the carpet with the liquid and after that I applied the detergent. Finally, I rinsed the carpet with All Fiber Deep Clean. Ultrapac Trafficlean S711 is a professional quality pre-spray which represents powerful blend of industrial-grade surfactants, detergents, and premium-grade solvents. They break down grease and oily soils and remove all the dirt from the carpet. My mother told me that but I knew my carpet is devastated and I didn’t believe it would change dramatically.

However, I wasn’t right! When I finished cleaning I was so impressed by the result. The carpet was clean and fresh, there wasn’t a memory of the old shabby carpet I had an hour ago. The carpeted flooring was absolutely transformed. I hadn’t seen it so clean for ages. The best thing was the remarkable effect stayed for weeks. That way there was no need to wash the carpet thoroughly so often. I just vacuumed the carpet 2 times a week and washed it once a month. I am extremely happy that I found an incredibly effective cleaning product which makes carpet cleaning pleasant and less tiring process.

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