Cleaning Carpets in Commercial Buildings with ProCaps-Later S750

Cleaning Carpets in Commercial Buildings with ProCaps-Later S750

If you have a restaurant or you are a hotel owner, you need to be aware of the most effective cleaning products. They will help you maintain the perfect look of the carpets in your commercial building. Using professional carpet cleaning services can cost a fortune, so founding out how to keep the carpets in these areas of high traffic of people fresh and cozy, is extremely important. I am here to help you in this process, and I would like to present you the most recent and efficient encapsulating interim cleaner with carpet protection. ProCaps-Later S750 by Prochem Kärcher Group is an incredible cleaning agent, formulated especially for use in commercial buildings. Basically, it can be used for dirt removal in any building with high traffic of people every day, including restaurats, shops and hospitals. ProCaps-Later S750 has several positive effects on the carpet – it betters carpets’ look, extend carpets’ life and usage, and not at the last place minimizes the need of frequent expert cleaning processes.

ProCaps-Later S750 will definitely change the appearance of your carpeted flooring in the office. You will be able to preserve its fabulous look for long period of time. ProCaps-Later S750 is created according to the most advanced new generation polymer technology. Thanks to this technology the super strong, fast-acting soil suspenders surround and attach to soil, lifting it away from rug fibers, then quickly dry to a micro-fine crystal that is easily removed with the vacuum cleaner. Moreover, ProCaps-Later S750 by Prochem Kärcher Group prevents carpet’s browning and revives the colors of the carpeted flooring. Also, it prevents bleeding and wicking. ProCaps-Later S750 is a low moisture product which is considered to be extremely positive aspect of this high-quality cleaning product. You can safely use it on any kind of carpeted flooring – natural or synthetic fiber carpet, because it is wool safe approved. It has mild pH – only 7.0 – 8.0 ready to use. Among the many advantages of ProCaps-Later S750, we can add one more – it is very economical preparation. One bottle of this magical liquid is enough for making up to 17 gallons of ready to use solution. The necessary dilution is 8 oz. per 1 gallon of water.

When I founded my consultant firm, I rented one storey from an office building. I hired 10 consultants and hundreds of people were visiting our office every day. After some time the number of clients reflected on the condition of the gorgeous carpeted flooring which I placed in the office. The colors faded quickly and it seemed dirty, although it was cleaned twice a week. Moreover, the carpet was vacuumed every day but it wasn’t of great help for coping with the dirt. The soils seemed to have penetrated deep into carpet fibers and I was confused what to do. Using expert cleaning service every week wasn’t an option for me because I considered it to be an additional expense. I needed high-quality cleaning detergent which will refresh my carpet and will prevent it from accumulating dirt. Then I searched online for possible solutions of my problem. Then, I found a company, offering a really wide variety of cleaning products, called Prochem Kärcher Group. One of those products meet my requirements – highly effective, economical, wool safe approved and specially designed for carpet cleaning in commercial buildings. This was ProCaps-Later S750 – the answer of all my prayers. I ordered it immediately and two days later I hold it in my hands. I gave it to the expert cleaner I have hired, and told him to use it from now on.

That happened on Friday. When I came to work on Monday, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The entire atmosphere of the place has changed dramatically. Everything smelled fresh and pleasant, and the carpeted flooring was perfectly clean. It was like someone has taken my dirty carpet away and has replaced it with a new one. The carpet which I saw on Monday had brighter colors and looked like much better version of the carpet I left in the office on Friday. Although I was using the office and the carpet from just a year, due to the many clients we accepted every day the carpet seemed ruined. Now, this magnificent cleaning product has returned it to the state when it was brand new.

I am extremely satisfied by ProCaps-Later S750’s quality and price. I will definitely recommend it to everyone who work in office or take care for the hygiene in commercial buildings. After I have done some research I discovered that this is the first choice of many expert cleaning companies. They rely on ProCaps-Later S750 for improving the look of heavily-soiled carpets in commercial buildings, including offices, banks, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels and internet cafes.

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