Cleaning Carpets from Heavy Mineral Based

Cleaning Carpets from Heavy Mineral Based

My name is James and I am the owner of one of the most recommended cleaning companies that cope with heavily soiled apartments and offices. Moreover, I provide my exception services to clinics and health care facilities where the high level of hygiene is a must. People hire me also for maintaining the best look of the apartments which they use for rentals. Clients want to avoid the trouble with cleaning after tenants who in most cases leave the rented apartment in awful condition. I have seen everything in these rentals – remains of urine, vomit, sand, dust and clay. The cases when expert cleaners have just to vacuum the carpet and refresh it are very rare. Most times the rentals need full restoration and disinfection with concentrated and heavy-duty pre-spray that will return the carpet to its amazing condition. Maintaining carpets in clinics and health care facilities should also be made with appropriate high pH pre-spray.

However, as I said most owners of rentals and offices do not know how to maintain their carpets in the best possible condition. They ask for our professional help because the clean and fresh carpet is a good advertisement for their rentals. That way they found tenants quickly and start making money faster. Every day when they don’t have tenants living in their apartments, is a day they lose money. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning firm for maintaining carpet’s condition, is an ordinary procedure for those who value their time and money. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford our expert services, that is why I decided to help those in need, as I want to share with you what pre-spray our carpet washing company uses for cleaning heavily soiled carpets. Heavy Artillery S738 by Prochem Kärcher Group is the product you need if you have to overcome problems like red dirt, sand, dust, and clay. This is the group of the so called Heavy Mineral Based Soils which require specific treatment. Heavy Artillery S738 is a product, designed specifically for coping with such problems. That is why it has high pH – 11.9 – 12.4 – in order to be powerful enough for removing the dirtiest areas on the carpeted flooring. Furthermore it is CA VOC-compliant. It is the ideal product for industrial and commercial use.

If you are searching for highly effective pre-spray, this is the product that will meet all your requirements. Not only it is incredibly efficient but also it is economical – 1 gallon of the liquid is enough for making up to 9 gallons of ready to use solution. You can apply it with pump sprayer and injection sprayer as there are specific instructions for the dilution, necessary for both types of application. If you have a pump sprayer, the dilution is 16 oz. per gallon of water. If you are going to apply it with an injection sprayer, then the dilution will be 5 quarts undiluted per 5 quart container with 1:8 metering tip.

Pay attention on the instructions written on the label and always use protective gloves during the application process. Keep it away from children as any other cleaning product you have at home. This is something everyone should know, but not everyone guards these recommendations. Heavy Artillery S738 is the definitely a trust-worthy pre-spray which can cope even with the most hopeless situation. If you have own business and an office where you meet your clients, you need to maintain it in perfect condition. Fresh and clean office makes positive first impression and speaks a lot of its owner. Imagine that you are in the place of your clients. You are going to meet the businessman for a first time in his office. However, when you enter the office, the first thing you see is carpeted flooring which has lost its color because of all the dirt and sand, covering its surface. Also, the room smells really unpleasant and you need to hold your breath and pretend that everything is ok. What’s the conclusion? You will probably leave as soon as possible without making a deal, and it is very likely you won’t come back. If you are a skillful professional, you do not want to lose your potential clients for such a silly reason as dirty carpet. Heavy Artillery S738 by Prochem Kärcher Group provides aggressive cleaning action for heavily soiled carpets. You can use it for carpets in waiting rooms or offices, in clinics or health care facilities. It is formulated to be used on places with high traffic of people and a lot of dirt and sand. It is safe for application on most synthetic fiber carpets and area rugs. It should not be used on natural fiber carpets which require pre-sprays with milder pH.

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