Cleaning Carpets from Grease and Dirt

Cleaning Carpets from Grease and Dirt

 If you have different carpets at home – synthetic and natural fiber carpets, and area rugs, it would be of help to have just one universal pre-spray which can be used on all the carpets. I myself have various types of carpets and I used to purchase several pre-sprays for each of them. I was using 3 different pre-sprays at the same time. It was very uncomfortable not only had they required a lot of space for storage but also because I had to make separate cleaning solution for each of them. Then, one day I accidentally saw an advertisement of highly-effective universal pre-spray with moderate pH and appropriate for use on fifth generation stain-resistant carpets. I usually don’t purchase things I have seen to be advertised but Trafficlean S710 grabbed my attention. It was promoted as extremely powerful cleaning product which comes at incredibly economical price. By purchasing just 1 bottle of the pre-spray, I would be able to make up to 33 gallons of ready to use solution. That would save me a ton of money which I wasted on purchasing 3 different pre-sprays.

I ordered Trafficlean S710, a fabulous product, produced by Prochem Kärcher Group, and received it several days later. At the first sight it was like any other cleaning product I have bought. There was nothing special in the look of the bottle – just an ordinary 1 gallon bottle. That’s all. However, I was amazed by its incredible effect! I started the cleaning process as usual – I turned on my powerful vacuum cleaner and cleaned everywhere. Then I used an injection sprayer of applying Trafficlean S710. The needed dilution was 1½ to 2½ quarts per 5 quart container with 1:8 metering tip (yellow). What made me impression was that it could be applied with a pump sprayer as well. Then the dilution would be 4 – 6 oz. per 1 gallon of water. So I applied the pre-spray and cleaned the carpets with a detergent after that. The effect was absolutely incredible!

I am learning how to be good cook in order to prepare homemade dishes for my children and often there are food stains here and there. I have a 2-years-old daughter who just loves staining with me in the kitchen and taking some of the cooking products. However, once, without noticing her she had taken the bottle of cooking oil and had brought it to the living room. About 5 minutes later I found out something was going on because it was too quiet in the house. If you have children, you know what I mean. I went straight to the living room where I saw the picture I will never forget. My daughter had poured the entire bottle on the carpet, making a small lake in the center of the room, and she was playing inside that lake, like when she was in the bathtub. I put great efforts to clean this enormous stain by using various spotters and stain removals. However, the effect was none.

After some time I just gave up trying but this awful stain was the first thing I was seeing when I entered the living room. You can understand my surprise and joy when I didn’t see the grease stain after I cleaned the carpet with Trafficlean S710. I was so happy that I ran to call my husband to see the carpet. He was also incredibly happy because since I have given up trying to wash the stain away, I began insisting on new carpeted flooring. I knew we didn’t have enough money at that moment, but I could stand this grease stain. So finally, my husband would be free from my complaints about purchasing a new carpet. This ultra-concentrated and economical pre-spray has done a real magic by converting my damaged carpet into a brand new stylish carpet. It can be best described as an improved triple surfactant blend for broad based soil removal.

After I saw what dramatic change there was on all my carpets, I recommended Trafficlean S710 to my closest friends which new about the situation with the cooking oil spill. Now I am using this pre-spray every time I wash my carpets, which actually is not very often because Trafficlean S710 has long-lasting effect. It protects the carpet’s surface from polluting with everyday dirt. I was so pleased with the remarkable effect of the Prochem Kärcher Group’s pre-spray that I decided to replace the detergent I was using with a detergent, included in the list of products of Prochem Kärcher Group. Now I turned into one of the greatest fans of this company and I am using exceptionally their cleaning products. I am very impressed by their line of eco-friendly cleaning products which are safe for my family and for the environment.

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