Cleaning the Carpet from Urine Stains

Cleaning the Carpet from Urine Stains

If you have a pet, you know there are many problems with maintaining your home perfectly clean. Having fur all over the house and dirt, brought from outside are just minor problems being compared to urine stains. Anyone who has a dog or a cat is vacuuming the entire home 4 or 5 times a week in order to keep the place relatively clean. However, that is incredibly difficult task because on specific season in the year the animals change their fur which means that you have to cope with that problem several weeks or months every year. Luckily, you can overcome this situation by turning on the vacuum cleaner on regular basis. The issue with urine stains and smell is more complicated because if the stain is not cleaned immediately with the appropriate detergent, the whole place starts smelling really awful. It is proved that houses whose owners had pets, sell slowly and at a lower price being compared to houses in the same condition and neighborhood without pets living inside. Moreover, if you live in lodgings, you are well aware that landlords prefer people who don’t have pets for their houses or apartments. Some landlords refuse accepting tenants with pets. The main reason for this is pets ruin the condition of carpets and landlords have to replace them with new carpets after the tenant is gone.

Natural fiber carpets and synthetic fiber carpets need to be cleaned with different types of detergents. However, there are some incredibly effective preparations, suitable for use on both types of carpets. These cleaning products are perfect for homeowners who do not know what type of carpet is theirs. Fine Fabric Rinse B112 by Prochem Kärcher Group is the best cleaning solution that can neutralize urine stains and smell on most natural or synthetic fiber carpets. It has mild pH – only 2.5- 4.0 – which makes it the ideal product for use on even the most delicate natural fibers. This rinsing agent is wool safe approved which guarantees it is 100% safe product for your high-quality carpets. In addition to that, you can use Fine Fabric Rinse B112 as a pre-mist dye stabilizer on natural fibers.

Fine Fabric Rinse B112 comes into a 1 gallon bottle and is incredibly economical cleaning product. You can make up to 129 gallons of ready to use cleaning solution and you can use it with portables and truckmounts. There is a special dilution for treating urine stains and it is 6 to 8 oz. per gallon of water. If you are going to apply the cleaning product as a spray rinse, the dilution is 4 to 6 oz. per gallon of water. If you need Fine Fabric Rinse B112 for use with portables, the dilution is 1 to 2 oz. per 1 gallon of water. Finally, if you will use this magnificent cleaning product for truckmounts, the dilution is 1 to 2 quarts per 5 gallons of water .

A long list of popular and trustworthy professional cleaning companies uses Fine Fabric Rinse B112 by Prochem Kärcher Group for their washing procedures. They rely on this multi-use ultra-concentrated cleaning product to maintain carpets in their customers’ homes. Fine Fabric Rinse B112 inhibits dye bleeding and cellulosic browning of the fibers. What is more, it leaves the carpets incredibly soft and you will notice the difference right after the cleaning procedure is over. There is a fresh smell coming from the carpet which spreads through the whole house. This high – quality preparation is specifically designed for use with portables and truckmounts. That makes it certainly one of the most widely used cleaning products in the carpet cleaning business.

Prochem Kärcher Group is famous for its green programs and protecting the environment. One of the lines of products they offer is called Axiom Clean Green Products and is 100% environmentally – friendly. Although, Fine Fabric Rinse B112 is not included in that line, it is also a safe rinse for your family and pets. You won’t experience allergies or any respiratory problems after you clean your carpeted flooring with this product. Because of its mild pH, it is completely harmless for your health and the one of your children. You can let kids play on the carpet barefoot without concerning whether they will have rashes after that. Usually rashes are caused by toxic ingredients in the cleaning products, offered on the market. You won’t find such dangerous ingredients in any of the cleaning products, offered by Prochem Kärcher Group. Fine Fabric Rinse B112 is designed according to innovative generation polymer technology that encapsulates soils and pre-spray residues. That way you maintain your carpet in excellent condition with minimal residues.

All in all, Fine Fabric Rinse B112 is definitely a reliable product which you can use for everyday cleaning of your carpets.

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