Cleaning Carpet Stains

Cleaning Carpet Stains with Professional Spotting Kit K250

If you would like to work as a , you need to be equipped for overcoming any problem on the carpeted flooring. Many beginners in this profession face the situation that they do not know what preparations and spotters to use. Sometimes they purchase several trustworthy cleaning products, but when they enter the home of the customer, they found out there is a situation they are not prepared for. Most times when the client schedules his carpet cleaning appointment, he is asked to specify if there is particular problem of the carpet. In those cases, the expert cleaner gets the main idea what he has to cope with, for instance, urine stains, pet odors, protein-based stains, etc. However, when the specialist arrives at the place, he notices many addition problems, like tea or ink stains. That is the primary reason when the professional carpet cleaner enters the client’s home he has to be ready to manage any problem, connected to the carpet’s condition. When the customer is pleased with the quality and price of the received washing procedure, it is very likely he will use these services again. Moreover, he will recommend the carpet cleaning procedure to his friends and therefore the expert cleaner may gain 5 to 10 new customer because of providing one perfect cleaning service.

When I started working as a professional carpet cleaner, I wasn’t prepared to cope with all the possible problems with carpet. Luckily, my best friend had more experience in carpet cleaning as he was an expert cleaner from 2 years. He told me to get Professional Spotting Kit K250 by Prochem Kärcher Group. He convinced me that this kit would help me be prepared for providing exceptional rug washing procedure. He was using it from years and he was very pleased with the quality of the products and the price you pay for the whole set. If you are purchasing the spotters and other preparations, included in the kit, separately, you will pay a lot more than if you get the whole Professional Spotting Kit K250.

I listened to my friend’s advice and bought Prochem Kärcher Group’s kit. The set included the following spotters: Tamping Brush, Sprayers, Terry Towels, Product Selection and Spotting Guide, SDS booklet, Pro Spotter,  Citrus Gel, Power Solvent, Protein and Stain Spotter, Rust Remover, Coffee and Tannin Spotter, Zoop!, Solv Ink, Pet Spotter and Deodorizer, Paint, Oil & Grease Remover. For such incredible variety of cleaning products the price I was asked to pay was absolutely affordable. Actually, I though it is definitely decent price for so many different preparations and a deodorizer. The products were gathered in a compact bag which was easy for transportation. The products, included in the Professional Spotting Kit K250 were appropriate for use on various surfaces – carpets, upholstery, area rugs and hard surfaces.

Let’s take for instance Rust Remover. Rust is a common problem, caused by the rusted legs of a piece of furniture, placed on top of the carpet. Rust Remover will help you return the carpet to a fabulous shape. Moreover, it is effective for maintaining ideally clean bathroom and toilet, as it can be used on porcelain and ceramic surfaces as well. Another advantage of this product is that you can apply it directly from the bottle.

Citrus Gel will be effective for coping with asphalt, tar and gum stains. You can apply it without any hesitation on synthetic and most natural fibers. It is of great use for maintaining carpets, placed near a fireplace. The best thing about this preparation is that it can be used also on tiles, so you can maintain your garage with the same product.We may continue with Protein and Stain Spotter. This spotter is used for cleaning protein-based stains. Protein-based stains are those, caused of red wine, coffee, vomit, etc. In most cases you will have to use this product, if the customer has had a wild party. Cleaning all these stubborn stains is possible only with high pH, heavy duty spotter, like Protein and Stain Spotter.

Power Solvent will be of great help if you have to overcome grease, tar, ink and oil-based paint stains. Most customers call for a professional cleaning service after they have repainted the entire house. You can use this product directly from the bottle, there is no need to rinse the carpet after that, and it has short drying time. Power Solvent can be applied on any type of carpets, upholstery and other solvent-safe surfaces.

To sum up, each product, included in Professional Spotting Kit K250 is very effective and can be used on multiple surfaces. You can find the information you need, written on the label of each spotter.


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