Vacuum and Steam Carpet Cleaning Chelsea SW3

When it comes to carpet cleaning Chelsea, you must remember us. We are providing carpet cleaning services for last eight years and make sure that we are there for you whenever you need. Whether your carpets are at home or at offices or hospitals, you can be assured that after our professional have completed their work, you will get satisfied results. With the best machines available for carpet cleaning, our completed work will delight you.

Steam carpet cleaning Chelsea SW3,SW1A,SW1E

We follow eco-friendly methods for carpet cleaning Chelsea so that you can live in perfectly disinfected areas. We bring back life to your carpet. Understanding your busy schedule, we provide service throughout the week according to your need. Just fix an appointment and we will be there for you. We just not clean the open areas, but ensure that the furniture’s are removed and the whole carpet is cleaned properly.

Steps followed for washing the carpets

To ensure that your carpets are fresh and clean after we complete the job, we, Carpet Cleaning Chelsea LTD follow the following methods.

  • Inspecting the carpet thoroughly is the first step we take after we get a call from you. We locate the stains and the spills so that they are cleaned properly.
  • Next, we remove all the furniture so that your carpet is totally cleaned.
  • Depending upon the nature of the stain and the fiber of your carpet, we apply detergents that will treat the stains. We never forget to conduct patch test before applying the detergents.
  • Now, we vacuum your carpet so that the mites and the dirt particles are extracted from the carpet.
  • Then we apply the cleaning solution and leave them for 10 to15 minutes so that they are soaked. Once done, they will kill the bacteria and bring the dust and grime over the surface.
  • Now, using steam carpet cleaning method, we finally wash the carpet and ensure that they’re cleaned properly.
  • Cleaning the carpet, removing the dust is done by steam extraction. Hence, once the carpet is cleaned, our professionals make sure that the foam is removed properly and the carpets are dried.

So, once we are done, you get fresh and clean carpet at your home, offices, or any other place.

Get your carpets cleaned on regular basis

Whenever you enter your home or eat something over your carpet, they get the dust accumulated inside its fiber. Hence, to remove it properly from your carpet you need deep . With it not only the surface of the carpet is cleaned but the carpet is disinfected too. This is not possible with vacuum cleaning only.

You should get your carpets cleaned after regular interval so that

  • They are disinfected. You or your family members may be suffering from allergy problem and that is because of the bacteria that have made your carpet their home. Hence, after cleaning your carpet you can get rid of them.
  • Even after treating the spills just after they occur, you must have noticed that they are still there on your carpet. They look odd. Rather get your carpet cleaned by us and you will keep searching for the stains.
  • Once you clean the carpet regularly, its life is prolonged and the fiber gets its luster back.

Choose us – Carpet Cleaning Chelsea LTD – to get hassle free carpet cleaning

Making your carpet clean is always challenging work to us. Choose us because

  • Our trained professionals are doing the work for years and will make your carpet perfectly clean
  • With the most modern equipment, our trained professionals complete the work in few hours that takes longer time for you to complete.
  • Valuing your time, we provide service for 7 days a week. We are just a call away from you.
  • Choose your appropriate payment mode and make payment to us accordingly.

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