Carpet Protection with Fourguard Carpet Protector B130

Carpet Protection with Fourguard Carpet Protector B130

If you have a business of purchasing houses at lower price, renovating them and selling them at a profit, you know what an investment is to change the carpeted flooring of entire house. For those who are unaware of that fact, it may cost up to 4-5 thousand pounds to change the carpets in the house. Not everyone can afford it so when you are purchasing a carpet you should take care for it in order to use it for long period of time. If you a moving to a new place and want to give it a special look, you should choose a high quality carpet which to change the atmosphere of your future home. However, you should be prepared for different problems and stains on your carpet, like those of ink, coffee, tea, wine and many others. Having Fourguard Carpet Protector B130 by Prochem Kärcher Group at your disposal is the easiest way to avoid those problems and to maintain your carpeted flooring, area rugs and upholstery in magnificent look.

Fourguard Carpet Protector B130 is a product from the special line of top – quality deodorizers and protectors, offered by the leader in the carpet cleaning business – Prochem Kärcher Group. This fabulous product is specially created with a mild pH which is the reason it is appropriate for extremely delicate natural fibers or textiles. It won’t damage their condition or shrink them. They will keep their beautiful appearance and condition like in the day you brought them home. Fourguard Carpet Protector B130 provide the needed protection against the most popular and common problems, seen on carpets – soil, stains, spills and oils. It protects their fibers from wearing out, giving you to enjoy their perfect look for many years. Application of this unique protector makes the carpet cleaning process easier for you. Even the most stubborn red wine stains will be easily removed if you have applied Fourguard Carpet Protector B130 before that. It is best to use the product on a brand new carpet and that way protect it against water-based soils, oil-based soils, and abrasion from dry soils.

I found out about this magnificent protector several months ago when I was looking for a new carpet for my living room. After careful search and comparison between different types of carpets, I chose the ideal one for me. Then the seller told me I should pay attention on its protection in order to prolong its life. So when I came home I started searching online for information how to protect my high-quality and really expensive carpet. I read many positive feedbacks about Fourguard Carpet Protector B130 which had helped many customers in protection of their carpets and upholstery. I ordered it and decided to test it first on my sofa which I had purchased recently.

I received a bottle of one gallon of ready to use solution which was extremely economical – it cost me about $0.04 per square foot to apply the product. I used it for cleaning my sofa because I often had problems with maintaining it. As we were drinking wine almost every evening in the living room, wine spills were often seen on its surface. I was putting great efforts to remove them and it was worse if I didn’t see them at the moment they appear. Moreover, I had a white carpet on the floor and each stain from coffee or wine was easy noticeable and ruined the entire look of this fabulous carpeted flooring.

Fourguard Carpet Protector B130 by Prochem Kärcher Group gave me the opportunity to enjoy the time with my family and friends, without feeling nervous whether a stain will appear on my carpet or my upholstery. In the past I was always worried if I don’t see the stain in the minute it occurs. If the stain dried completely and I was seeing it several days later, it was almost impossible to clean it. This magnificent product enhances the carpet’s resistance of the fibers. Now I should worry about traffic lanes and aging of the carpeted flooring.

I will recommend Fourguard Carpet Protector B130 to anyone who wants to clean his/her carpet easily without many efforts. You will protect it from the everyday traffic and soil. Moreover, you will use it for long period of time and you won’t waste more money on new floor coverings. One of the greatest benefits is that you can use it also for maintaining your upholstery. You can clean the interior of your car which is exposed to everyday spills of your morning coffee. That way when you try to sell it, the buyer will see a well – maintained interior with no stains or dirt on it.

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