Carpet Cleaning from Grease Stains with Traffic Lane

Carpet Cleaning from Grease Stains with Traffic Lane

 I work as a professional cook from 10 years and last year I decided to open my own restaurant. At that moment, I already had the confidence I had enough experience and knowledge which are needed for this job. I knew what dishes to include in the menu and what kind of atmosphere to create for more pleasant stay in the restaurant. Of course, there are many more details about having your own restaurant – location, team, etc. but everything came right to its place after some time. However, I wasn’t prepared for the problems, connected with cleaning. I didn’t have experience in removing stubborn grease stains from carpets, because my job was situated only in the kitchen. When I thought about the cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant, I decided it needs high-quality luxury carpeted flooring. Of course, it was the right decision because it made the place really stylish. I don’t know if any other type of flooring would match as perfectly as the luxury carpet.  

The grand opening of the restaurant was a triumph. It was a real sensation – the newspapers wrote about it. However, after some time – probably a month or two – I noticed the carpet was covered in grease stains, some of which were huge. That completely ruined the stylish look I was trying to create. The restaurant seemed more like a local low-class pub not like one of the most modern restaurants in the city. I felt disappointed and a bit frustrated, and I immediately called an expert carpet cleaning firm. I choose the most recommended company in the city in order to be sure I have made everything I can in order to get rid of the awful grease stains. After all, this was a restaurant, and food stains were a typical problem but I didn’t know how to cope with it. The thing that made me really nervous was that I didn’t know when the stains have appeared. They may have been there for two months which meant they were too old and it would be impossible to remove them.

When the expert cleaners came they made a quick examination of the carpet. They told me that not only there were grease stains, but also it was heavy soiled. I monitored the entire cleaning process. They vacuumed the place with an industrial vacuum cleaner and applied a product, called Traffic Lane Cleaner S708 by Prochem Kärcher Group. I wanted to be informed about every detail of the cleaning process and I asked them to tell me more about this preparation. The experts explained to me that this is a concentrated pre-conditioning carpet cleaning detergent with deep penetrating action for heavily soiled carpets. They were using this specific product when they cleaned extremely heavy soiled carpets. It was appropriate both for residential and commercial use. Because of its high pH – 11.0 -11.3 – it was used only for synthetic fiber carpets. They advised me if I was going to use it for my carpets at home, to ask an expert cleaner first to tell me whether my carpet is made of natural or synthetic fibers. If it is made of natural fibers, it would need more delicate preparation with mild pH. The specialists told me they were using exclusively products by Prochem Kärcher Group which offered high-quality cleaning products for natural and synthetic fiber carpets.

Also, they explained that Traffic Lane Cleaner S708 was a really economical product – 1 gallon of this liquid was enough for making up to 11 gallons of ready to use solution. There were instructions on the label what dilution to make if you are going to use a pump sprayer or an injection sprayer. However, this specific product was ideal for use with an injection sprayer.

After they give me such detailed information, they continued with the cleaning procedure. I decided to leave them to do their job and not to ask more questions. After about an hour they were done cleaning and the effect was superb. The carpet looked like I have just received it from the store. It definitely looked like a brand new one! It was perfectly clean and fresh which really surprised me, having in mind how it looked before that.
I decided to purchase Traffic Lane Cleaner S708 for my personal use. I gave it to my wife who was the “expert cleaner” at home. She was a bit surprised when I gave this product to her and explained everything the expert cleaners have told me. She knew I don’t understand anything about carpet cleaning. However, when she cleaned the carpets at home for the first time with Traffic Lane Cleaner S708, she was just amazed by the remarkable change. They were completely transformed and looked perfectly clean.

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