Carpet  Area Rug and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Area Rug and Upholstery Cleaning

When I purchased my carpet and area rugs, I didn’t know there is a difference in maintaining different types of carpets. Some carpets can be cleaned with high temperature water cleaning technique which is really effective method for deep removal of all the dirt, stored in the carpet. However, more delicate fiber carpets should be cleaned with special preparations with mild pH. Also, these carpets and area rugs should not be moistened so the steam cleaning method can be applied for them. They should be maintaining with dry cleaning procedure. When you clean your upholstery you should also avoid wetting because of the difficult drying after that. If the upholstery and carpets are not dried well, they start smelling awful and mold starts to grow on their surface. As you know mold and mildew are especially dangerous for people’s health and are one of the great causes of allergies among children. They cause respiratory problems and more serious health issues. That is why you should put all your efforts in maintaining your home clean and free of any type of allergens. All the dust from the air in the rooms is laid down on the surface of the carpet. That means you should vacuum it regularly, at least 2 times a week. Moreover, you need to wash your fine fabric carpets at least once a month.


When you clean fine fabric carpets, area rugs and upholstery you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the detergent you are going to use. The perfect detergent needs to have mild pH and appropriate structure – dry cleaning compound or low moisture shampoo. This and much other helpful information I found in internet in various forums and websites. I was wondering whether I need two different cleaning products for my upholstery and for my sofa. However, at the end of a long search I found the product that I needed – Fine Fabric Shampoo B105 by Prochem Kärcher Group. It was one of the most used products by customers and it had 100% positive feedback. It turned out that Prochem Kärcher Group is a leader in the upholstery and carpet cleaning business. They have a great variety of cleaning products that can help you overcome any problem.

I ordered Fine Fabric Shampoo B105 and received it the next day. It came into 1 gallon bottle that was enough for making up to 43 gallons of ready to use cleaning solution. The product was wool safe approved and was appropriate for using on water-cleanable wool and delicate fibers. I could use this amazing product for maintaining both – my lovely sofa and my carpet. People who have used it have written they are extremely content with the results it accomplishes. According to them the product prevents soil wicking and inhibits cellulosic browning.

I tested its qualities the very same day and I understood what they were talking about. The whole house was perfectly clean. There wasn’t a single stain on my carpets or area rugs. The condition of the upholstery has improved significantly – it was softer when I touched it. Also, the smell of the Fine Fabric Shampoo B105 was fresh, unlike all the cleaning products that I had used before that. The product was specially designed for dry foam cleaning method use. Also, because of its mild pH – 5.0 – 6.0 it was very gentle not only to the fine fibers but also to my hands – I didn’t wear protective gloves during application of the product because I was really excited to try it and just forgot about gloves. Luckily, after I finished cleaning, my hands were still soft and there weren’t any rashes or other problems on them.

All in all, I am extremely satisfied of the quality of Fine Fabric Shampoo B105 and its price. I will try other cleaning products, offered by Prochem Kärcher Group. They are safe for your health, for your upholstery and carpets. What is more, they are environmentally – friendly and do not pollute the planet. The thing that I liked the most in Fine Fabric Shampoo B105 was that has a really pleasant scent and aids in maximum soil removal. It revives the colors of your upholstery and carpets, bringing them to brand new condition. They are incredible soft and supple after completing the cleaning procedure. You can use Fine Fabric Shampoo B105 without hesitation for removal of dirt and stains from your furniture or carpets that need gentle care. Cleaners and detergents, offered by Prochem Kärcher Group are certainly the most efficient products, available on the market. They are much better than any other cleaning product you have tried. There is special line of products by Prochem Kärcher Group that are absolutely environmentally – friendly. You should give it a try!

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