Carpet Cleaning Bromley is a reputable company with more than eight years of experience in the deep steam carpet cleaning and stain treatment. We firmly believe that our customer base would increase as we keep on providing them with better services. With the best machines available on the market, we steam clean your carpets and make them look like new. To provide better services for you whether you need us for your Bromley home or office, we are open seven days a week. Trust our specialist for a single job and you will be calling us whenever a cleaning needs to be done!

Our trained professionals makes it sure that while they clean your carpet with hot water extraction method or any other appropriate method, they remove bacteria, dust and dirt from the base of your carpet. After out professional cleaners complete the deep carpet cleaning, your carpet would not only be cleaned, but disinfected too. The carpet fibers will be deodorized making them just like new.

In case you still have any doubts about our method, here are the steps we take in order to complete a deep steam cleaning service for your carpets or rugs!


To give you 100% satisfaction with carpet cleaning Bromley and ensure that your carpets are totally disinfected, we take the following steps

  • First, our experts examine the nature of your carpet textile and then decide which type of cleaning solution would work on them best.
  • Next, they examine the degree of dust accumulation in the carpet itself
    Once they know, now they can choose the detergent carefully. If required they may conduct some patch test to ensure that your carpet fibres are not damaged by the detergent.
  • With spot removal system, they would start clearing out all the stains and spots on your carpet.
  • Then using our modern extraction units, we pull out the dirt and pollutants that are stuck inside your carpet.
  • Finally, to keep your carpet clean and fresh we apply deodorizing spray/deodorizer. Once done, your carpet will be looking and smelling just like when they were brad new

Wash your carpet regularly

It may be a common belief among most people that we the expert carpet cleaners request you to clean the carpet on regular basis so that that we can earn profit. There are many reasons for keeping the carpets clean. We, Carpet Cleaning Bromley LTD are giving you some of them for your consideration

  • As carpet fibres attracts dust and dirt, with time the fibres are damaged. Then it becomes prone to getting damaged. However, if you maintain the state of your carpets and clean them regularly, there will be much less accumulation of dirt and you will prolong the life of the carpets!
  • Using the deep steam extraction method gives us an advantage in stain removing – something that will take yourself hours of labour we can do in a matter of minutes
  • Dirty carpets are home to bacteria too. Therefore, it’s important to clean the carpet on regular interval. This will keep your carpets disinfected and your home healthy
  • We apply with the help of which dirt can be easily removed– a result that is impossible to achieve by vacuuming only.

Choose our service and get hassle free carpet cleaning

When you hire Carpet Cleaning Bromley LTD, you get a service that is perfectly tailored to your schedule, so the cleaning process won’t ruin your daily routine! This is only possible due to our trained and well equipped staff – all our colleagues have years of experience in this field of work!

Our trained professionals use modern equipment for cleaning your carpet as well as prolonging the life of the carpet.

We understand the importance of your time and this is why we arrange everything according to your plans and availability

We work with several methods of payment, just so our clients could use the most suitable one!

Crystal Palace Park in Bromley BR1. This is not quite an ordinary park; it is more like a "Jurassic park". Walk through the valley of dinosaurs, where from the trees look out five huge figures of long extinct monsters - the task is only for the bravest. The theme of this park appeared in the time of Queen Victoria, but the dinosaurs themselves were restored already in 2003.

Down House in Bromley BR1. In the village of Down, in south-east London, in Bromley BR1, there is the so-called "Down house" - the family nest of the famous creator of the theory of evolution, Charles Robert Darwin.

The highlight of the exposition is the research room. Here, the situation is exactly the same as during the life of Darwin. Today you can see the very greenhouses in which plants for experiments were cultivated, with the help of which the scientist proved the existence of evolution.

In the summer season, the museum "Charles Darwin's House" offers guided tours of the gardens and greenhouses, a children's school of marine adventures unfolds in the autumn, and in the winter excursions devoted to the life and work of the great scientist, as well as his relationships with the family take place.

Charles Darwin (1809-1882) lived in a house called "Down House" from 1842 until his death. The Darwin Museum was opened here in 1927, and in 1996 the building was transferred to the National Committee "English Heritage".

The Shard, located 4.8 miles away from Bromley BR1, was built in London on the site of Southwark Towers, a 25-story office center built in 1975. On March 30, 2012, the building reached its top 309 meters, becoming not only the tallest building in London, but also the second largest building in Europe (after the Moscow Mercury City Tower) and the 45th in the world.

Maisie Bourke

My kids spend their time mostly by playing on the carpet. I can't have them playing on a dirty carpet but nor I want them to be in touch with some dangerous toxic cleaning solutions. So I’m using the Steam Carpet Cleaning ltd services. The cleaners showed to be really knowledgeable and used only non-toxic detergents and methods. Now you can eat of my carpet as they say. My carpets are fresh and looking always like new. A valuable service in my opinion! Thank you guys and keep the professional work!

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