With over eight years of experience in carpet cleaning Battersea, our reputation has grown and grown. For this growth we owe to our professional cleaners and of course to our customers who have always been there beside us, satisfied with our services. To keep this trust, our team of professional cleaners work seven days a week so that they can give you clean and healthy home.

It has been our endeavor that we give 100% for deep carpet cleaning and other allied services. For this we have the latest machineries available in the market that totally cleans the carpet. We, Carpet Cleaning Battersea LTD, are available seven days a week and you can get our services at your home or office or hospital or restaurants. Rely on us for washing carpet in Battersea.


Our professional team discuss with you about your requirements before they start deep carpet cleaning at your premises. There is much confusion regarding the ways of steam carpet cleaning, hence we explain you about the procedure.

We start with inspecting the carpet for understanding the nature of fiber and the amount of dust accumulation. Depending on it we decide about the cleaning solution to be used. Then we move your furniture so that we can clean every corner of your carpet. After cleaning and drying the carpet we replace them at their original position.

To remove the stains we, Carpet Cleaning Battersea LTD, treat them with required solutions. For deep carpet cleaning, we spray the cleaning solution all over the carpet and let it get soaked for about 10 to 15 minutes. This let the dust and grime get to the surface of the carpet. We use vacuum cleaner for extracting the dry dust from the carpet. Then we use steam for washing the carpet.

After the carpet is cleaned, we leave it for getting dried. After drying them we leave you as another satisfied customer.


You cannot stop dust from being accumulated in your carpets. Whether you walk-in or your pet rolls over the carpet, the fiber of the carpet would be attracting dust and dirt. Gradually they would become the breeding ground of bacteria. So, for keeping the germs away and make sure that your carpet looks good, you must clean your carpet by professionals regularly.

Benefits derived after cleaning the carpet by professionals are

  • You can say good bye to germs! Our professional cleaners use an eco-friendly solution that kills the germs and makes your home germ free. Your home will be bacteria free and you will be tension free.
  • When your carpet gets soiled, its fiber too is affected. They get damaged and to stop this damage you need to do deep carpet cleaning. Now, after our trained professional cleans your carpet with their modern equipment the life of the fiber gets treated. With our carpet cleaning your carpet gets it life back.
  • With regular carpet cleaning, your carpet would look like new and the aesthetic value of your rooms would increase.


When you think of carpet cleaning in think of us. Want to know why? Because:

  • We have trained professionals who are doing deep for years now and gained experience to deal with various kind of carpet.
  • We have the most modern machineries that help our professionals in cleaning the carpet proficiently and effectively.
  • You get the opportunity to pay us in any mode that you find convenient. We have the option of PayPal, bank transfer by NEFT and cash.
  • We,Carpet Cleaning Battersea LTD , understand importance of time and hence complete the job within scheduled time.

Hello, our carpets were so badly stained, I didt think it was possible to get them off and to make them to look decent. But Dean made them look beyond decent! They are brighter than ever, with a pleasant odor coming from them. No stains left whatsoever! He was very professional and thorough. I’m excited with the result and I’m so happy that I found Steam Carpet Cleaning ltd! I will definitely be calling them for more services in the future. Recommending them without hesitation! If you try them you wont be sorry!

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