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Professional carpet cleaning West Hampstead are recognized by specialists and carpet manufacturers as the best way for keeping the floor covering in excellent condition and potentially extending the life of the carpet. Carpets store a lot of dirt, dust, sand, pet’s fur, bacteria, stains and allergens which cannot be removed by regular vacuuming. Although vacuuming several times a week improves the look of the carpet, it does not clean it in depth and therefore is not enough if you are striving to achieve perfection. Clean home means harmonic and beautiful atmosphere and makes people inside more well-balanced and calm. There are different methods for carpet cleaning which can be modern and traditional. Traditional methods include cleaning the carpet by yourself with a brush and some detergent or soda. However, they are not much effective and always there is a risk of damaging the carpet. In addition, they require a lot of strength, hard work and at least couple of hours of your precious time. Think for a second how many pleasant things you may do in stead of losing your time for cleaning the carpet – you can read a book, take a walk or spend time dear moments with your family. After you finish cleaning you will be exhausted and it does not worth the efforts because we can do this for you.

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Our carpet cleaning company in West Hampstead can offer you the most modern and proven to be highly effective methods for fresh carpets.Carpet Cleaning West Hampstead was established in West Hampstead 7 years ago and up to now it has thousands of happy clients who recommend its services. We use two major types for cleaning carpets – steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. They are both powerful procedures for removing the stains from the carpet and living it pleasantly clean and cool. During these two processes only eco-friendly products are used in order to give you the best results and also to protect the people, living there. As you know some detergents contain harmful chemicals which can cause respiratory problems, allergies, rushes or more serious consequences. They are poisonous when ingested or breathed in and are especially dangerous for babies or pregnant women. These are some of the reasons for us to use only proven to be safe detergents. Our excellent trained professional cleaners follow their step by step plan how to overcome any problem you may have with your carpet.

Step by step plan how to overcome difficulties

The process of deep carpet cleaning begins with an inspection of the entire area. All the problems are pointed out and a strategy for resolving them is being prepared. Our experts know how to treat stains from coffee, chocolate, etc.. Also, they know how to fight mould and must. During this stage of the process homeowners may be asked for additional necessary information about the carpet. The professional cleaners mark what type of textile is used for making the carpet and choose what procedure to use for cleaning it according to the gathered information. The next stage of the procedure is vacuuming the covering with an industrial vacuum cleaner. After that the whole unit is being sprayed for removing the stains. A powerful steam machine finished the steam cleaning process. Several hours are needed after that for completely drying. is used for textiles which cannot be treated with steam because of the moisture. The main advantage of this method is that you can use the carpet immediately after completing the task.

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Freud Museum, located 0.6 miles away from West Hampstead NW6. Here, Freud lived with his family after fleeing Austria in 1938. Austria joined Germany, and the situation of the Jews became very difficult. Freud was summoned for interrogation, the younger daughter Anna was arrested. The rescue for the family was England. But Freud was already seriously ill. In the autumn of 1939, he died at his home in Hampstead.

Anna lived here until 1982. Four years later, in 1986, a museum of his name was opened in Freud's house. Shortly before the official opening of the museum, Freud's diary was found. This diary, the famous psychoanalyst led all the last 10 years of his life.

The Freud family managed to take out practically all of their belongings from their old home. Freud was a highly educated person, interested in many fields of science. All his life he collected antiquities. The collection is exhibited in the museum.

Excellent preserved furniture set in the style of "Biedermeier", also brought from Austria. Such furniture was widely distributed in 1815-1848. For the style of "Biedermeier" is characterized by simplicity, light warm colors, chamberiness. Objects of furniture created a feeling of psychological comfort. The environment has been carefully preserved by descendants, and now it can be seen by any visitor to the museum.

An interesting exhibit of the Freud Museum, 0.6 miles away from West Hampstead NW6, is the couch. It was used during sessions of psychoanalysis. Also in the museum is the library of the scientist and his portrait written by Dali.

The Memorial Museum also conducts research and educational work. In its premises there are lectures, conferences. 5 days a week for those wishing to conduct excursions, which detail the life and scientific work of Freud. At the museum there is also a store of books and souvenirs.

Hampstead Heath Park, located 1.8 miles away from West Hampstead NW6, is a 3 square mile forest, meadows, ponds and hills run by the Corporation of London.

With a network of stony and sometimes uneven roads through dense forest, hills, bridges and stone houses, the trip here resembles a trip through the countryside, rather than in the city park of London.

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