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The most simple way of improving the entire atmosphere at home is a spring cleaning. For everyday cleaning can be an easy job, but have you ever thought how it affects on your health? Insect debris, dust and preparations – all these things can affect the body immediately or after some period of time. At first sight it may seem perfectly safe, but if you look more closely, it appears that while you clean around your teeming factors threatening your health. According to experts sometimes the solution to germs and dirt may be more dangerous to health than the problem itself, as common in household preparations aggressive and dangerous chemicals are being used. Some of them can be replaced by much safer products that also are much cheaper and more environmentally friendly. A traditional method for carpet cleaning is cleaning with baking soda. It is considered to be easy and safe way for cleaning the carpets – you have to sprinkle it carpet and then blend it well, leave it for some 10 minutes and then sweep or clean with a vacuum cleaner. Baking soda assumes not only dirt but also odors. This is a useful method for regular maintenance of the floor covering. However, it is not enough if you want to kill the bacteria and allergens, hidden in your carpet. That is why steam carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning should be used at least once a year preferable – twice. These two procedures recover the beautiful colors of the carpet and what is more important they guarantee you a safe atmosphere for your family and pets.

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Our carpet cleaning company in Carpet Cleaning Wanstead has more than 9 years of experience in this field. We have learned through years and we have accomplished great success. Now we serve hospitals, office buildings, kindergartens, private homes and many others. Big part of our customers use regular services once or twice a year. The use of professional steam carpet cleaning is recommended by carpet manufacturers as it revives the natural colors of this beautiful piece. Also, it removes the dirt, sand, pet’s fur and other unwanted bacteria from the entire carpet, not only from its surface and it gives the carpet longer life. Deep carpet cleaning is especially beneficial for your health as it uses only eco-friendly products. It is very important to take care for the hygiene of the carpets if you have babies who spend most of their time when they are awake playing on the carpet. They are crawling all the time and after that they put their small fingers in their mouths. Seems familiar, right? Imagine all the dangerous bacteria and allergens that are stored in the carpet which can cause allergies and rashes to your children. Our specialists are trained to overcome any problem with the carpet and they use only safe detergents. In addition to that, we have the best machineries on the market which give you the most powerful . The members of our team go to regular trainings to improve their skills and learn new methods for cleaning. Our phone assistance members also go to visits of homes and offices, along with the expert cleaners. The main goal of this rule is to keep each member of our team prepared for all the questions you may have. They are trained to provide you immediate help if you need it. We provide our services 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and we won’t change that in future. You can rely on Carpet Cleaning Wanstead Ltd at any moment of the twenty-four hour period.

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